Is facebook really going to be shutdown?

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1294574953 33 Is facebook really going to be shutdown?

is facebook really going to be shutdown in 20 days?

no. that is not true. Facebook won that lawsuit against them!

no, people just say to be stupid and scare people. facebook isn't going to be shut down. don't worry

No, that's a hoax.

Dont believe in random rumors or spread useless chain letters that you may get. Youd have to see a posted msg from the facebook team for it to be true.

i really doubt it. I love facebook...i hope it never shuts down...
i really hope they will not be sued..
i just found out its a rumor...figures people are just trying to scare people

facebook rules

Yes. also, if you get any emails from Nigerians, you should totally help them out.

and the boogy mans goin to get ya !!!!

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