District Hazardous Substances Program | Sumter County Shopper

District Hazardous Substances Program |  Sumter County Shopper

Transportation of hazardous materials occurs day and night on Interstate 75, Florida Turnpike, multi-state highways, and the CSX Railroad. Hazardous chemicals are used as products in or as by-products of many agricultural, industrial, and commercial operations in Sumter County.

For this reason, Sumter County Fire & EMS operates a Hazardous Materials Team for Sumter County residents and visitors. The HAZMAT program is part of the department’s Special Operations team of 30 firefighters trained in hazardous materials, confined space rescue, structural collapse, high angle rope rescue, vehicle and machinery dislocation, trench collapse and water rescue. The HAZMAT team in Sumter County of Lake Banasovki responds. This central location provides an advantage when responding to all areas of Sumter County.

Sumter County Hazardous Materials responders and firefighters are trained at the operational and technician levels. A variety of monitoring equipment allows responders to quickly identify hazardous materials, chemical-resistant protective gear keeps them safe, and specialized tools help them stop leaks, contain spills, and neutralize hazards.

The HAZMAT team works with various federal, state, and local agencies in a collaborative manner as an independent resource, as part of a strike team, or as a task force when efforts require specialized equipment and/or training.

This knowledge, skills and abilities allow them to use special techniques and equipment to mitigate known risks, as well as a wide range of unknown conditions, in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

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