Opinion: The bright line is opposed to private interests

Opinion: The bright line is opposed to private interests

Something rotten in Orlando and we found it!

Despite the fact that there are approximately 25 zillion lights along the John Young Parkway in Hunters Creek, community attorneys have spoken out against Brightline’s attempt to operate a railroad alongside State Road 417.

“Our residents and business owners are expressing concerns about noise, safety, dirt and property values,” the attorney said in an email to the Central Florida Highway Authority, which owns and operates SAR417. -417 will impose all the burdens of the high-speed train on the Hunter Creek community without any benefit.”

In the words of Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School, “You’ll have to lubricate the local politicians because of the zoning issues that come up…”

Before delving into the possible motives of this attorney, let’s examine the facts.

Railroads are owned by many affluent communities in Florida and across the United States and still maintain their place as world-renowned travel and housekeeping destinations. From Winter Park to Palm Beach to Palm Springs, each of these cities maintains a high profile among the elite members of America’s top 15% and also has railroads that take passengers to their destinations.

Other than these compelling facts, any complaints about traffic interruptions clearly do not take into account the excessive number of red lights already scattered in the village of Hunters Creek.

But more importantly, it has been proven in many cases that new railways actually increase property values.

With the facts revealed, then why would lawyers seek such a particular person to unshackle the shackles of public sentiment?

No one can be categorical in the answer, but when fully considered, only two groups might oppose the railroad project: 1. Universal Studios and Cartel International Drive. 2. Municipal officials are intent on getting a profit or two for their own wallets.

The most obvious drawback to Project 417 is Universal Studios and their I-drive counterparts. Universal Studios and International Drive collectively hope the new rail system will pass their business corridor. Nobody can blame these companies for promoting their own interests. However, several billion additional dollars will be required to build bridges and other special features on Line 528 that are not included in the 417 plan.

Of course, opposition can easily come from local political leaders and their corporate backers.

Either way, the taxpayer and visitors alike get the column. It is time for our community leaders to band together for the common good rather than catering to private interests and graft for political gain.

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