Ormond Beach to increase water and sanitation rates

Ormond Beach to increase water and sanitation rates

Ormond Beach water and wastewater customers will see a 1.8% increase on October 1st.

The city committee approved the increase in a 3-2 vote at its meeting on Wednesday, September 8th. The rate increase would translate to about 46 percent for water and 58 percent for wastewater, based on an average household use of 5,000 gallons a. According to the city note. The committee also approved a subsequent 3.5% price increase which will be effective on September 30, 2022. Customers outside the city limits will be charged 150% of the rate for residents.

The city states that the increase will “provide the financial resources needed to make critical improvements to the city’s water and sewer systems, piping, pumps, treatment, etc., to ensure efficient and effective service provision.”

City Commissioners Dwight Selby and Rob Littleton voted against them.

Selby argued that he didn’t like the fact that the city was using $4.6 million of USSA money for infrastructure projects that the rate increase would have to cover. Instead, he thought the city should use ARPA funds for “extraordinary” projects and suggested an immediate 3.5% increase.

“We’re getting $4.9 million in federal money under the US bailout, and that’s really a windfall for Ormond Beach,” Selby said.

He said ARPA funds could be used to restore water storage to reduce the amount of effluent in the Halifax River. Last year, Selby said the city pumped 536 million gallons of treated water into the river, averaging 1.47 million gallons per day. The city is allowed to pump 6 million gallons per day.

Mayor Bill Partington approved the staff decision to use ARPA funds to offset a higher rate increase. The city will be tasked with reducing all discharge into the river by 2030, according to Senate Bill 64; However, Partington hopes the state will provide funds for future projects.

“That’s the best decision we’re in right now,” Partington said. “Sure, all other issues can be considered in future workshops and next year’s budget.”

McDonald House is doing well

At its meeting on Wednesday, September 8, the city commission approved a work permit for the exterior renovation of the north side of the MacDonald home.

The $70,000 contract for AM Weigel Construction Inc. At Daytona Beach porch, roof terrace, and disabled access ramp are replaced. The total cost of the renovation on the north side of the home is more than $181,000, according to the city memo, but the contractor has unspent money from previous work on the east, west and south sides of the home, with renovations progressing better than expected.

The renewal comes in 41% less than budget, at $519,184, instead of $890,000.

A local appointed to the hospital’s board of directors

Ormond Beach resident Thomas McCall, chief operating officer of ICI Homes, has been appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to the Halifax Board of Health Commissioners.

AdventHealth is now in ‘green’ status

On Thursday, September 16, facilities in AdventHealth’s Central Florida division moved into “green mode,” meaning that normal operations will resume at most of its facilities.

The hospital system has reported 890 inpatients for COVID-19 across Central Florida.

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