#24 Houston visits UConn with big goals still on the horizon

#24 Houston visits UConn with big goals still on the horizon

#24 Houston aims to complete the regular season in style on Saturday afternoon when they visit UConn in East Hartford, Connecticut.

The Cougars (10-1) capped an undefeated season against the enemies of the Conference for the second time since 1960 with a 31-13 victory over Memphis last Friday. The win marked Houston’s first 10-win season since 2015, the same year he won the American Conference on Athletics Championships.

“We’re a good team,” said Cougars coach Dana Holgorsen. “We finished the American game 8-0. We won 10 in a row. It’s hard to win in college football. It’s hard to win every week… I’m so proud of this soccer team.”

And for good reason.

Let’s start with Clayton Tyon, who threw for 264 yards and touched down and ran for another hit against the Tigers. Tune has completed 131 of 196 attempts for 1,742 yards with 15 touchdowns in his last six games.

“We just take whatever adversity we’re in,” said Teon. “Whatever the challenges for this week, we keep playing. Don’t let outside noises and distractions get in the way of what we’re trying to do. It just speaks to the character of this team and what we know we can do.”

Alton McCaskill has 11 touchdown touchdowns in the last seven games, while fellow linebacker Ta Zone Henry has found the finishing zone in six of his last nine games in Houston.

Meanwhile, cornerback Marcus Jones continued his sparkling play on the other side of the ball by scoring his highest with two interceptions against Memphis. Jones, who has had five picks in his last four games, was named AAC Defensive Player of the Year for the fifth time this season.

“He’s the most versatile player in college football, and you can’t deny that,” Holgorsen said of Jones. “He’s going to win Paul Hornung (award)… He’s kind of a talent. He changed that game… Defensively, he’s the best cover guy I’ve been around and I’ve got high corners. He’s just special how he can feel the receivers and play on the ball “.

While Houston may eventually have more fish to fry, UConn (1-10) will likely welcome the end of the regular season with open arms.

After all, Husky’s side went through an abrupt change of coaching in the season that did little to alter the club’s fortunes.

UConn was outperformed 137-37 during the current three-game slip. Huskys surrendered their first 28 game points on their way to a 49-17 UCF shell last Saturday in Orlando, Florida.

“We made the mistake of entering twice and we were watching instead of playing,” said Ocon’s interim coach Lou Spanos. “Once we settled down, we were better. Then we got a little sloppy at the end.”

Nathan Carter provided a rare bright spot for the Husky family, rushing at 5.9 yards per carry while finding the finish zone for the first time since a 24-22 loss to Wyoming on Sept. 25.

QB Steven Krajewski pushed his season total to 10 interceptions with three for the riders.

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