25 Things To Do With Outdoor Towers In Orlando (These Aren’t Theme Parks)

25 Things To Do With Outdoor Towers In Orlando (These Aren’t Theme Parks)

Catch the holiday cocktail:

The Courtesy Bar downtown on Orange Avenue transforms its menu each year into a dang yuletide miracle (November 23-December 30), with a special menu, playlist, and décor that will make your heart grow by three sizes. Also your liver.

Image via Miracle“itemprop =” image “>

Cruise through the canals of Winter Park

Winter Park’s scenic boat tours of the waterways run every hour starting at 10am each day.

Image via Winter Park Boat Tours“itemprop =” image “>

Give your wallet a workout

Shoppers with a sharp elbow can run past the mall at Millenia and Premium Outlet malls, where parking is a blood sport, but Winter Parks Park Avenue or Audubon Park on Corinn Drive or the tiny Milk District are more of our speed shopping.

Milk District photo by Zach Alfson“itemprop =” image “>

range outside manatees

Blue Springs State Park and Manatee Refuge continues to be a great place to find Florida’s most famous animal. But they’re having a really tough year, so don’t bother.

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Head to the Fronquare Festival

The Doctor Phillips Center’s successful solution to COVID-19 has been extended to December of this year.

Photography by Matthew Keeler Lyman“itemprop =” image “>

Get your glow

The glowing, lively Lake Titusville is just as dazzling as the Disney fireworks.

Image via BK Adventure“itemprop =” image “>

Rowing Lake Ivanhoe

Paddle boarding is one of many ways to see the thriving Orlando Restaurant and Bar along Lake Ivanhoe.

Photo via Epic Paddle Adventures / Facebook“itemprop =” image “>

Bike Trails in Urban Orlando

Orlando is far from a place for biking, but long-distance, urban trails are scattered throughout the city for those who like to cycle.

Image via Bike Orlando“itemprop =” image “>

Use your feet to see some nature

While you’re awake and moving, why not take the scenes along the Black Bear Wilderness Loop Trail?

Image via Florida Hikes“itemprop =” image “>

Take a stroll through Leu . Gardens

You don’t need to leave the city to see green. Bonus points: This Orlando landmark is totally out in the holiday lights when Dazzling Nights kicks off November 19.

Image via Liu Gardens“itemprop =” image “>

Get an eye glass in Winter Park

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany. These are bragging rights, my friend.

Image via Morse Museum/Instagram
“itemprop =” image “>

Mail Christmas cards from the strangest town in Florida

There’s plenty of competition for the weirdest place in Florida, but it’s hard to beat Christmas, a permanent vacation spot just east of Orlando between poor Pythlo district and the Space Coast. This postal seal can’t be beat, though.

Image via Adobe“itemprop =” image “>

Visit the animals at the Central Florida Zoo:

No one will refuse an invitation to feed a giraffe. Or a unicorn. Or stare at a 40-year-old gopher tortoise.

Photo via Central Florida Zoo“itemprop =” image “>

Find some peace in the Bok Tower gardens

A trip to the Singing Tower in the heart of the Lake Wales Reserve is a must, especially if you have any history of the roadside attraction in your family.

Photo via Bok Tower Gardens“itemprop =” image “>

Get Goths at Greenwood Cemetery

The scary season never ends if you keep your faith.

Image via Adobe“itemprop =” image “>

Rotate your engines

Visit the Big Daddy Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum – a few large rooms filled with racing memorabilia – and test your reactions at the Christmas tree. (Not that kind of Christmas tree).

Photo by Jessica Price-Young“itemprop =” image “>

Take a boat ride

As much as we try to build on top of it, the swamp continues. Take your uncle to Wisconsin to relive the Miami Vice Credits.

Image via Adobe.“itemprop =” image “>

Take them – the way

No hill, no problem: Wallaby Ranch claims the title: the world’s first full-time suspended hang-gliding park. :: For Neurotypes, tandem flights are also available.

Image via Wallaby Ranch“itemprop =” image “>

Teeth counting in Gatorland

Gatorland has weathered seismic shifts in Central Florida because seeing a pack of alligators pick up fully frozen chickens in a feeding frenzy is still awesome.

Image via Gatorland“itemprop =” image “>

go to the beach

While the temperature is less than ideal from a local point of view, the lack of crowds at Central Florida’s sandy hotspots makes it close to the ideal time to visit. Your relatives in Ohio will strip their bikinis.

Image via Adobe“itemprop =” image “>

Dang Suan boat ride

A sense of lack of tourist pride can keep you away from the famous ships on Lake Eola for most of the year. Take advantage of the cover that visitors provide for kayaking.

Photo via Orlando/Instagram“itemprop =” image “>

Rotate in the corn maze

While the high season for corn mazes is over, there are still quite a few to wander around in Central Florida.

Photo via Long & Scott Farms“itemprop =” image “>

Or get a role at Sanford

But keep the wheels spinning: Book a pedal limousine for a pub crawl through the historic downtown.

“itemprop =” image “>

Go see Orlando Magic

It is almost certain that they will not win. But with tickets starting at just $10, does that really matter?

Image via Orlando Magic“itemprop =” image “>

Taste the meatballs at IKEA

If things really go south, you may be able to permanently lose a relative in the home furnishing maze.

“itemprop =” image “>

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