3 local companies contribute to the success of theme parks

3 local companies contribute to the success of theme parks

Orlando, Florida. During the IAAPA Show at the Orange County Convention Center, hundreds of companies from around the world look to theme park owners and operators.

There are more than 100 of these companies in Florida and many of them are located in Central Florida.

One of those companies is Martin Aquatic.

The Orlando Corporation has helped lead and develop world-class water features for theme parks including Universal, SeaWorld, and Walt Disney Parks around the world.

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“Over the past 30 years, we’ve completed about 100 different bodies of water at Disney, do active work in the water parks at SeaWorld, and do some work for Universal Parks and Resorts. Internationally, we’ve done Executing major projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

One of the company’s latest achievements in the limelight is the design of Royal Caribbean’s private island destination, Kokukai.


Martin Aquatic talks about success in the theme park industry

Designed as a $250 million conversion of a cruise line island in the Bahamas, Perfect Day on CocoCay brings together every convenience for travelers looking to thrill and relax on their vacation, from the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean to the longest waterslide in North America. And everything in between, the corporate website describes.

The company’s other major accomplishments that Central Florida residents may know is the design of the water features in Central Disney Springs.

Disney Springs (Walt Disney World)

“We were an aquarium consultant at Disney Springs. The massive 55,000-square-foot body of water that looks natural,” said Martin. “We were one of the consultants on this team that Walt Disney Imagineering led. We’ve also worked on some of their great end-of-day shows around the world.

Another company located in Central Florida is global technology group, Accesso.


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The company in Lake Mary has 220 employees.

The company offers a variety of things including ticket services, virtual queuing, and mobile application technology for theme parks, ski resorts and entertainment venues.

“We are the e-commerce provider for all Six Flags parks, and all Cedar Fair parks. Locally, you’ll know Legoland Florida is our e-commerce and point-of-sale customer for ticketing. So, in most places you can think of,” said Steve Brown, CEO of Accesso. , we are likely to be related in some way, shape, or form.

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The company said that during the coronavirus pandemic, guest behavior has shifted to default options and that has changed how parks and venues operate.

“We are working on more and more mobile capabilities (for the future). Everything needs to be in the palm of the guest’s hand, and anything we can do to mitigate this is part of our product roadmap,” Brown described.

When it comes to developing attractions and experiences, Central Florida is no stranger to it.


The area has a large number of businesses looking to attract theme park owners and operators.

One such firm is Orlando-based designer Skyline Allure.

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The company has developed family-friendly flat rides, record-breaking wooden roller coasters and revolutionary new roller coaster track designs including the all-new roller coaster for kids, the P’Sghetti Bowl.

The company was first founded in 2014 by four veterans of the theme park industry with a history of coaster design.

“We had been working at another company in the industry for a long time, and seven years ago we decided to split up because the company we were working for was based on just one product — and we had so many other ideas that we wanted to manufacture,” said Chris Gray, vice president and partner at Skyline Allure. and reach and design.” “We wanted to design rides for kids, and roller coasters, and we really wanted to get into steel roller coasters because you can do a lot of things with that.”


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Since its inception, the company has designed a few attractions including the Tidal Twister in SeaWorld San Diego and the Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster in California.

The P’Sghetti Bowl is the company’s newest attraction.

The weld-free track makes it easy to install and is cost-effective for ride-on operators.

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“With the single-rail design and the relatively modest size of these rides, we have the opportunity to be the first ride-hailing manufacturer to allow a park or FEC to design the rollercoaster track itself,” Gray said in a press release. “Instead of looking like a roller coaster, it can now look like a snake, a racetrack, or whatever the client wants to fit their theme.”

Skyline Attraction is one of hundreds of companies that continue to innovate and help define the future of the theme park industry.

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