5 messages: The debate continues at the airport, on COVID Day and Veterans Day

5 messages: The debate continues at the airport, on COVID Day and Veterans Day

Focus on the facts

Dear Editor:

After 15 years of waiting by businesses and employees at Airport Business Park and surrounding businesses, I hope residents can focus on the facts about the runway extension at Ormond Airport. From all the discussions I’ve heard, it appears that the main complaint voiced is from the activities of the flight school. Those planes will continue no matter what. Corporate planes are quieter, they’ll take off far from any residential area, and they don’t take off and land all day! In my opinion, this runway extension will not change anything except perhaps push us forward with our economic progress. However, it will help us keep pace with the times, and allow our local economy to thrive, which is good for everyone.

Peggy Farmer

Ormond Beach

This is not “progress”

Dear Editor:

I agree with Norman Lane (letter to editor posted on 2 November). I live outside the area that will be affected (allegedly); However, the only exercise I can do for my old, worn out joints these days is in my pool, and I tend to spend a lot of time there. Every time I’m in my pool, I see (and hear!) a little plane flying overhead and wonder if they see me doing my workout. I’m just grateful to my husband and I far enough away that we wouldn’t be so affected by the way 30+ neighborhoods would be if this madness was allowed to extend. The annihilation of the jungle on State Route 40 was bad enough for me to deal with, along with real estate along Granada and Nova – I can hear cars, trucks, and motorbikes now that I couldn’t when we moved in because of the all-obvious-cut.

Didn’t we have enough “progress”? As Mr. Lin said, it’s just a jump, skip, and jump to Flagler – the “powers out there” are only trying to please the deep pockets in my personal opinion (and there are many others who agree with them)! Did Jeff Bezos move to Ormond or something and no one told me? Maybe I’m missing something.

Laurie Bennett

Ormond Beach

Progress requires infrastructure

Editor’s Note: The following letter has been addressed and forwarded to the Ormond Beach Commissioners. It is republished here with permission.


This was written to support the 600-foot extension west of the runway at Ormond Beach Municipal Airport, and in particular to approve the environmental study needed to move the project forward. Our company has regularly rented out of the airport for many years; Most importantly, we have noted firsthand from our visits to many public aviation facilities across the state how far behind we are here at home compared to the improvements and developments taking place in other similar Florida communities. Economic progress and advancement require an adequate infrastructure, and a proper runway is an essential element in the development and introduction of a suitable public aviation facility to serve the community.

I have lived and worked in the Ormond Beach and Volusia County area for 50 years. A feature of our region is the constant presence of an element of vocal feedback, which loudly objects to any positive steps towards general improvements that develop and advance society. These individuals characteristically reject any effort to engage in a reasonable process of addressing goals, objectives, and alternatives to serve those interests. Civil unrest, protests, and excessive talk always seem to replace rational discourse.

I urge our city committee to recognize the loud voices of a few loud opponents of the airport improvements as mere background noise that will fade once the problem is resolved. By far, the greater interest will be served by making a rational decision on the merits and resolutely carrying out the duties of your office. Please support the environmental study and keep moving towards completing the extension.

John Upchurch

Ormond Beach

Vaccines play a role

Dear Editor,

Regarding the “daily COVID cases down” message, the letter writer failed to realize that in July and August, during the peak of the delta variable (with Florida being the epicenter), the vaccination rate went up. And despite not having many convictions, people started wearing masks again.

It is true that cases of COVID have decreased, but with more than 70,000 cases per day, it is still very high.

Vaccines and masks have helped, and science backs it up.

Jodi Runci

Ormond Beach

Let’s do better for our veterans

Dear Editor;

As a city we can do so much better than celebrate Veterans Day with a car ride through a boxed lunch.

I have lived in Ormond Beach for nearly 10 years and have come to appreciate the deep sense of patriotism in our community. I remember the well-attended pre-COVID Memorial Day celebrations at Rockefeller Gardens that were tearful. It made me think.

Why don’t we have a Veterans Day parade next year? Let’s go big. Let’s go to high school and the other teams are there, old cars with lower heads and veterans waving from the back seats. Banners, color guards, veterans classes, and active National Guard are also just for beginners.

Let’s choose a parade route where thousands of us can wave and cheer and show true appreciation for our dear veterans.

They are not seeking this recognition. They often take what they can get in recognition of their service, from a simple thank you to someone in line who might buy their coffee for them if they wore a service hat.

Let’s do better next year. Let’s call a major pointer to get things started. Let’s get the necessary permits. About this parade route – maybe this one that starts at the seaside, crosses the Granada Bridge and goes straight through downtown so people can line both sides of the street and give veterans the recognition they really deserve.

Bob Boomer

Ormond Beach

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