A Florida man has been charged with the death of a woman after her body parts were found in the bay

A Florida man has been charged with the death of a woman after her body parts were found in the bay

Tampa, Florida. — A Florida man has been charged with the murder of a Pennsylvania woman after her dismembered body was found dumped in a bay, police said Wednesday.

Tampa police arrested 69-year-old Robert Kessler earlier this week on drug charges while investigating the death of Stephanie Crohn-Overholts. Kessler faces charges of second-degree murder and assault on a corpse.

A fisherman discovered body parts for a 47-year-old woman from Erie, Pennsylvania, earlier this month.

Additional body parts, including a tattooed leg, were discovered in Mackay Bay, police said at a news conference. Police released pictures of her tattoos – three hearts including her son’s name. The photos spread online and were returned to her family in Pennsylvania where she was reported missing.

The relationship between Kessler and Kron-Overholts was unclear. Interim President Ruben Delgado said the two were living together after meeting at a fast food restaurant.


Delgado said police found her blood inside his truck and home.

It is not clear if Kessler has appointed a lawyer who can comment on the charges.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that police do not know when Crone-Overholts was killed or when her body was dumped in the water. The motive is not released.

The newspaper said Kessler denied any involvement in her death, telling a local TV station they met in a restaurant and he offered her a place to stay, but later asked her to leave.

Her son, Sean Overholtz, released a statement earlier this month saying the family was devastated.

“This has been a living nightmare. Unimaginable what she went through. We will miss my mom so badly.”

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