A new device by a Florida inventor may calm the outbreak of the Corona virus

A new device by a Florida inventor may calm the outbreak of the Corona virus

A local might hold the key to stifling COVID’s grip on our lives in the form of a small but sophisticated device. Orlando-based Emmett Imani of Erdwelle Technologies boasts many successful reactor innovations and other engineering inventions.It’s the latest breakthrough, an air purifier that eliminates COVID, that people are talking about.

Although the chrysalis of his idea predated the epidemic by tOver the course of three years, the stars have finally lined up as the international scale of the pandemic has presented my faith with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a chance to save lives by improving its scrubber.

After years of trial and testing, the product is now about to be exported in large numbers worldwide to supermarkets, government offices, biosecurity companies, hospitals and airlines.

Above: Erdwelle’s new cleansing device. Photo: Erdwelle Technologies.

But how does this marvel of modern technology work?

Unlike most air purifiers, the Erdwelle does not use traditional methods.

The device’s simple and unique design maximizes efficiency and provides greater safety and cleaning capabilities.

Capable of cleaning 1,000 metric cubic feet of air in three minutes (3 kcf), the device uses plasma and electromagnetic field to eliminate harmful microorganisms by oxidizing these organisms.

The small device, which is placed in the central air duct of the building, cleans more efficiently than any other product on the market and does not emit any harmful gases.

Within twenty minutes, the device disinfects up to two records of microorganisms, something its predecessors took four hours to achieve using ozone and ultraviolet methods.

Emani has recently received several awards for the device and a prestigious certification from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Institute after rigorous safety tests.

Preliminary studies of the device have also shown a positive effect on the recovery time of a coronavirus patient and a greater ability to keep fruits fresh for longer periods of time.

Many scientists associated with the research and development phase of Imani noted their surprise at the efficiency of the system.

Photo: Imani holds his cleansing device. Credit: Erdewell Technologies.

“They were really shocked,” Emmani explained. “Did aliens give you this? “Pranks me. We are proud of our success with this device. There is no other known method that does this in this time period.”

Despite the advent of vaccines and boosters, distribution in the Third World is lagging and many in the United States refuse to accept the necessity of vaccination. As a result, the virus is likely to continue to mutate and become stronger over time.

But Imani’s device may help provide a better response to the coronavirus dilemma by boosting disinfection technology and taking industry standards to the next level.

As the technology undergoes more studies and testing, and eventually worldwide distribution, Imani says he will continue to focus on increasing the device’s efficiency as it seeks to discover more innovative ways to combat the scourge of the virus.

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