An Ormond Beach woman’s belongings left in her mailbox after her car was stolen

An Ormond Beach woman’s belongings left in her mailbox after her car was stolen

A villain who hates cats

7:59 AM – 1500 blocks from San Marco Drive

sabotage. An 84-year-old Ormond Beach woman called the police after discovering that her patio table glass had shattered.

According to the police report, the woman heard a “loud bang” the night before coming out of the back porch, which frightened her and her cat. At first, thinking it was a gunshot, she spotted an unidentified white man with red hair standing on the sidewalk with something in his hand.

She further investigated the accident in the morning, and saw the damage to the patio table. Locate the responsible for the boulder report inside the glass shards. He noted that there were problems with cats in the area, and that it was possible that the suspect was trying to throw the rock at the cat.

stolen vodka

7:59 PM – 1400 block west of Granada Street

Stealing. Two women walked into a local liquor store and stole three bottles of vodka, totaling more than $130, a store clerk told police.

The employee called the police after the incident, explaining that the two women had entered the store, approached the register and asked where they kept a bottle of “high-end tequila.” When the store clerk turned around to show them, the women fled with bottles of vodka.

As they were running, one of the women dropped one of the bottles, and it crashed to the ground. The broken bottle was brought in by another store patron.

The store manager would like to pursue charges if women are identified. The police report describes them as black women between the ages of 18 and 20.

“polite” thief

7:42 AM – 700 blocks from Orchard Street

stolen vehicle. The belongings of a 49-year-old Ormond Beach woman were left in her mailbox after her car was stolen from her driveway.

Police reported that the woman believed her spare key fell from her purse while inside her car, which may have been the method of theft. Her car was discovered missing in the morning after she was alerted that her mailbox was open. The report states that she believes the person who stole her car “was polite enough to secure her personal items in her mailbox before driving away.”

The woman, the first responder, had some equipment in her car. No security camera footage found.

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