Big news: The Observer gets big pages

Big news: The Observer gets big pages

Thanks to an impressive new printing press in The Villages Daily Sun, the Observer has officially gone from tabloid format to a full-scale format. For those who miss the charm of a smaller tabloid size, we’ve got some scissors in the office, and we’d be happy to cut the bottom four inches off for you.

But we hope you enjoy watching the additional images and reading additional stories that fit on the longer pages.

thank you for reading. We know you have many ways to spend your time, and we hope you feel closer to your community by spending a few minutes on our pages, and thinking about the well-being of your neighbors and the neighborhood in which you live.

Our mission is to inspire our community by publishing exceptional local content and helping our partners thrive. How can we do it better? Send story ideas and other comments to [email protected].

When it comes to your community, no news is too small – even on the big pages.

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