Bridges and Rozier help the Hornets capture the Warriors’ 7-match winning streak

Bridges and Rozier help the Hornets capture the Warriors’ 7-match winning streak

Charlotte, Nick Terry Roser looked for fellow Charlotte Hornets 7-footer Mason Plumley after Sunday night’s game and joked that he plans to tackle all the jump balls forward.

Rozier outplayed Draymond Green on a late jump ball and also made two key free throws to help the Hornets clinch the Golden State Warriors’ winning streak in the seventh, 106-102 Sunday night.

Rosier finished with 20 points – all in the second half – Miles Bridges had 22 points, Lamelo Ball added 21 points and Cody Martin 12 points and eight rebounds. The Hornets improved to 8-7, winning three in a row after slipping from five games.

“That says a lot to our team and where we’re headed,” Rozier said. “We are trying to go places and make our organization like theirs. This is a great step to where we think we want to go.”

With the Hornets ahead by two, Green and Andre Iguodala cornered Rosier near the touchline midfield with 15.3 seconds left, forcing a jump ball.


Given the disparity in scale, it looked as if the Warriors would take the ball back and have a chance of a win or two of the game in overtime, but the 6-foot-1 Roser edged out the 6-foot-6 green and the Hornets dominated the tip as Jalen McDaniels took the ball down.

The Warriors were forced into a quick foul with Rozier and he made two free throws within 12.7 seconds to make it a two-point possession game. Golden State missed his last shots.

“I think it’s like timing the ball,” Roser said. “…I definitely wanted it because I had just turned the ball around and it was like everyone in the entire gym was looking at number 3. I just wanted to try and give a game for our team and it worked.”

Green said the official was still talking to him and Rosier when he threw the ball in the air, and he was caught off guard.

“He was like, ‘I’m going to throw the ball all the way to the top, it’s going all the way up…’ Then boom!” said Greene. ‘And I’m like, ‘Oh, (crap)!’ But like I said, I have to make that leap no matter the situation.”


Andrew Wiggins scored 28 points on 12 of 19 for Golden State, and Stephen Curry added 24 points and 10 assists in his annual Homecoming game. After exiting the eight-game home run, the Warriors dropped to 11-2.

The game saw 25 lead changes and neither team advanced by more than seven points.

Tensions heightened after Charlotte’s Kelly Ober Jr. was accused of double technique and was sent off early in the fourth quarter after he complained to an official about lack of contact during a driving layoff.

It moved back and forth from there, with both sides chirping to the officials.

Crew chief David Guthrie said Uber was fired over two separate non-sporting jobs.

“The first technical foul was due to an outright unsportsmanlike act indicating dissatisfaction with the lack of contact,” Guthrie said in the NBA Caucus report. “The second technique was for a non-mathematical wave directed at the administrator.”

Bridges’ left-hand shot once again led the Hornets in scoring, and it was the striker’s right hook into the lane with 39 seconds left that gave Charlotte the lead for good.


Carry returns

It was a crowded house at the center of the spectrum to see Carrie, who grew up in Charlotte and played at Davidson College.

Curry gave the crowd something to cheer as he made a steal on the front court and then fired a no-look pass over the head into the field that hit Jordan Bull with a stride for a separate dunk. Curry was also hooked up to a 37-foot racket at the end of the third quarter to give the Warriors the lead.

But Carey was not happy with his choice of shot in the second half.

“I got a little involved trying to find those daggers a few times when I didn’t really have them,” said Carey. “So it’s a good tutorial in the early part of the season, especially on the road.”


The Warriors: They are the only team in the NBA to score 100 points per game this season. … Jonathan Kominga scored a career high with nine points. …Green drew a technical error in the first half.


Hornets: Bridges miscalculated by damaging Kominga in the halfway line at halftime, sending the huge man to the goal line. But Kuminga only made 1 of 3 foul shots. The ball was evaluated as a technical foul in the second half.

the following

Warriors: In Brooklyn on Tuesday night.

Hornets: Washington hosts Wednesday night.


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