Champions: Team OPD wins SWAT Round-Up International

Champions: Team OPD wins SWAT Round-Up International

OPD Team Wins SWAT Round-Up International Competition

Team OPD took first place in the international SWAT Round-Up competition earlier this month. “Over the course of this week, we have seen the dedication and perseverance of our OPD SWAT team through tough hurdles,” the Orlando Police Department posted. Their hard work earned them first place.

SWAT Round-Up International is a week-long competition event that tests an officer’s abilities to shoot with precision, move dynamically, think “on the go” and make challenging decisions.

More than just a training event or tough competition, the SWAT Round-Up is a greater sum of its parts. It is finally an opportunity for operators around the world to come together as one to learn from each other. “The brotherhood you share with your teammates will extend to your fellow operators as you train, compete and encourage each other,” OPD posted. “The relationships you form here will be based on your shared values ​​of loyalty, courage, and dedication to saving lives, and these bonds will continue throughout your life.”

The training and education program is a vital component of the SWAT Round-Up International experience. Each of the five Round-Up competition events should be considered a training opportunity. These events are set up to simulate real-life scenarios and are meant to challenge the team as a unit. Optional events emphasize weapon expertise and physical fitness.

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