Character: Opposite extended runway

Character: Opposite extended runway

Say no to the runway extension

Dear Editor,

I would like to refute the misinformation contained in the messages in the November 8th issue of Foreman Regarding the runway at Ormond Beach Airport.

Neither book lives in the region most affected by near-continuous aircraft noise. This may explain why they are not part of the “retro acoustic component” opposing the extension that will make the noise problem worse. This doesn’t bother them, so why should they be concerned? Transcendental statements won’t make us go far.

The flight schools at the airport are currently training pilots to fly small and light aircraft. These pilots will need additional training to fly larger, multi-engine and jet aircraft. What better place to do this than at Ormond Beach, with a newly extended amphitheater? These larger aircraft are much louder than the majority of what we have now and will fly in larger patterns between touch and go practice. This means that they will affect a larger area and more Ormond Beach residents with their noise.

Will this happen? There is nothing stopping him. A local developer is already building new sheds to accommodate them.

Even if flight schools do not move to larger aircraft, a longer runway will be accompanied by a longer runway, facilitating a greater frequency of training flights.

One writer claims, “The company’s planes are quieter, and will take off far from any residential area, and don’t take off and land all day!” A little research will show that this is a false statement; Corporate planes produce much louder, more piercing noise than the majority of light aircraft that use the airport today. The reason for the extension is that the larger plane needs an extra runway to take off. They’ll definitely use all that length, so they won’t take off far. And the bulk of those affected by noise are not directly next to the runway; They are the thousands of people who live in one of the 34 subdivisions over which planes fly. If flight schools included larger planes, they would fly all day.

Having more flights will increase the chances of a collision in a neighborhood, and larger aircraft will do more damage on the ground if it does.

Please tell your city commissioner that you oppose the extension of the Ormond Airport runway.

Dave Mott

Ormond Beach

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