Czech President infected with Covid-19 virus discharged from hospital

Czech President infected with Covid-19 virus discharged from hospital

Prague – Czech President Milos Zeman was discharged Saturday from the capital’s military hospital, after he tested positive for the Corona virus.

The 77-year-old was already discharged from service after more than a month of treatment for an unspecified illness on Thursday, but was readmitted only hours later after he tested positive for the coronavirus.

The president received the monoclonal antibody, which is a standard treatment for people from high-risk groups. He is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including a booster dose. The hospital said Zeman has no symptoms of COVID-19.

He was hospitalized on October 10, a day after the House of Representatives elections, and received treatment in the intensive care unit. His condition is attributed to an unspecified chronic disease.

Zeman, a heavy smoker and drinker who suffers from diabetes, has difficulty walking and uses a wheelchair.


The presidential office said Zeman was planning to swear in Peter Fiala, the leader of the coalition that won the elections, as the country’s new prime minister on Sunday.

The ceremony was scheduled to take place on Friday, but the president’s admission to the new hospital prevented that from happening.

The office said the party will be organized in line with the current coronavirus measures, but details are unknown. Those who test positive must isolate in the Czech Republic for two weeks.

The country faced a record high in a new wave of infections. The new daily increase hit a record high of nearly 28,000 cases on Thursday. The infection rate reached 1,207 new cases per 100,000 residents during the past seven days.

Overall, the country of 10.7 million has recorded more than 2.1 million cases with 32,744 deaths.


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