Dark electronic duo Wingtips returns to Orlando, where they have deep roots | Musical stories and interviews | Orlando

Dark electronic duo Wingtips returns to Orlando, where they have deep roots |  Musical stories and interviews |  Orlando

One of the unique, and often overlooked, holiday joys of local music heads is when wayward musicians return home for a visit and—hey, my God—decide to put on a show or two, check out creatively with their community and connect through art to friends. And the old family.

This obviously hasn’t happened much in the past year, but we think things will be different in the fall and winter. Case in point: Chicago’s Wingtips plays a short run of Florida dates during the long Thanksgiving weekend.

wait. Wing tips? The chic and intense duo, formed in 2015, that’s been creating a powerful blend of post-punk swoon (think chameleon) and subtle electro-pop that solidly cemented them as spectators within gothic music and its broader underground?

And the same. Vincent Segretario and Hannah Avalon may live in the Windy City, but we call dibs for the beautiful city because Segretario is originally from the area.

In fact, some of the sleepy gigs of the past few years for dark-leaning local listeners have been Wingtips’ adjoining holiday appearances. An introductory show at Falcon, a state-of-the-art barn stove in Stonewall, then a kinetic DJ from Segretario hired in Stonewall the following year were mandatory attendance deals. (To say nothing of the storm made for the 2019 edition of Tampa’s Absolution Fest, where the duo kept their duels against the likes of the Twin Tribes and Assemblage 23, but that’s a story for another day.) Überbahn/Panic for linking up with his band with new fans and new friends here . He says, “I have to thank Nick Mariano for introducing me to the community, and for being a consistent channel for gigs [and] All events are local.

Despite the image that integrates fashionable, angular dystopia Blade Runner With a vampire charm, Segretario genuinely enjoys coming home to all of the sunny exotics that floods Central Florida. “I unabashedly love tourist tacky things,” he says. “I think there’s something wonderful, for better or worse, about extreme commercial activity. Maybe because I grew up here, in these surroundings and now have a quirky nostalgia for them.”

Fans of gothic, electronic, and related dark music in Central Florida have a complementary fondness for them.

“The performances we’ve had on this tour so far have been fantastic, and I think our response abroad definitely relates to the way we normally receive in Florida,” Segretario agrees. “Maybe it was more well received than other parts of the country, in fact! Such a large and varied association of scenes and communities. Our live show was more intense than it was last in town, and more so in the context of our new record with no dispensing with the old songs that People love it.”

This new record is cutting room floor. Released in September, it’s another step forward for the band, with bigger hooks and choruses, loud vocals thanks to both Segretario and Avalon, sparkling electronics and undeniable dark pop wit. There are some heavy themes that the songs are based on as well.

“In cinemas, the ‘cutting room floor’ is the point at which the shots to be included in the final cut of the film are decided upon,” Segretario reflects. “Many of the songs are rooted in the idea of ​​modifying your own life to become the best version of yourself. We wanted to talk about how progress in life isn’t linear and sometimes we have to go through trial and error to find ourselves another end.”

anyway cutting room floor Is a fun home listening experience, we think the place this band really shines is in the world of live streaming. By providing their own custom lighting settings (and a fog machine, naturally), Wingtips are able to create their own environments, reshaping a typical club into something worthy of, say, Danceteria or Limelight.

“When we first got started, we used nothing. Then, at some point, the lack of atmosphere wasn’t cutting it, so we started using a few of our stage lights that would slowly fade the colors,” Segretario says. “It even made a world of difference. Then I learned the basics of DMX programming, and was able to create a light show that matches our playlist.”

As befits a band as visually savvy as Wingtips, their latest new work is a music video for “Run for Shelter.” A promotional video may be too shorthand for the term; It is more than a lush, flowery, cinematic piece of dance.

“The ‘Run for Shelter’ video was produced with New York-based visionary Neil Schwartz, who is an amazing choreographer and producer,” Sigritario recalls. “One day he released a video/dance for our song ‘Sentinel’ online. We were blown away, and we knew we had to produce something with it!”

Because it’s the season, after all, Orlando Weekly I can’t help urging Segretario to navigate the always prickly waters to look a little different and feel an outsider when you’re around the family during the holidays. “I can’t say I have any distinct advice other than being myself no matter what,” Segretario says. “Once you lose touch with this, you are disappointed with yourself, a pit of despair. We are fortunate to have the support of my immediate family, who are our biggest fans!” Give thanks this weekend for that.

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