Demings college complaint received inappropriate aid

Demings college complaint received inappropriate aid

United States Democratic delegate. Val Demings And her campaign in the US Senate is now facing a new election law complaint alleging that her campaign accepted illegal soft money from a Virginia political committee run by the former Virginia governor. Terry McAuliffe.

Americans for Public TrustOn Wednesday, a campaign watchdog group, a campaign watchdog, filed the charges with the Federal Election Commission. states that Demings and her campaign violated the soft money restrictions of the Federal Election Campaign Act by receiving in-kind contributions from fundraising services from the McAuliffe Commission, Virginia Public Good.

Defeated Glenn Yongkin McAuliffe last week In the Virginia governor’s election.

The complaint states that “by agreeing to and participating in this email request, Representative Demings has approved a contribution in kind from an organization not regulated under FECA, in violation of the Inflexible Funds Prohibition.” He demands the Federal Election Commission to examine the charges and implement any “appropriate sanctions.”

Demings remains the favorite to win the US Senate nomination in the Democratic campaign to remove the Republican senator Marco Rubio in the 2022 general election.

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