Demings raises emergency declaration: Will anyone pay attention?

Demings raises emergency declaration: Will anyone pay attention?

The state of emergency will be lifted in Orange County at 3:05 p.m. Wednesday. The only question is: Will anyone notice?

Most Orange County residents have been going about their lives for months without a second thought about the outdated emergency declaration.

Despite this fact, the However, Mayor made it clear that if there is another increase in COVID cases, his office will be open to another group of states.

“I hope this never happens, but we don’t know exactly what this virus is capable of.”

Once the order expires, Demings says, it will be up to individual employers to decide how to protect their workers and sponsors but County employees will still be required to wear face masks until the CDC shifts the county’s transmission risk to moderate.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank our residents for taking the pandemic seriously by getting fully vaccinated, wearing masks and following other safety protocols. You have shown our community how much you care about your families, friends and neighbours.”

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