DeSantis calls for special session on COVID-19 mandates

DeSantis calls for special session on COVID-19 mandates

Governor Ron DeSantis summoned a special hearing of the Florida legislature regarding the statewide vaccine mandates.

DeSantis conveyed his desire last week to call a special session to address vaccine rules being implemented by companies and the federal government. The special session will run from Monday 15 November to Friday 19 November.

“Your right to earn a living should not be contingent on COVID footage,” DeSantis said. “We’ve gone somewhat from 15 days to slow the spread to 3 strikes to keep your job. In Florida, we think the decision to get a COVID shot or not is a choice based on individual circumstances, so we’re suing the Biden administration and we’re going to pass legislation in this hearing. The special responsibility for protecting Florida jobs and protecting parental rights when it comes to concealment and quarantine. The responsibility for the health, education and well-being of our children lies primarily with the parents. As long as I am the governor, parents in Florida will play a powerful role in determining what their children learn and how they are treated in school.”

DeSantis is seeking to pass legislation to prevent discrimination against non-vaccinators.

“What is inappropriate is for the federal government to step in, mess around with state and local affairs, and act as if it had the right to facilitate a local county to break state law,” DeSantis told reporters this week. “I mean, just think about where that would lead to. And just think if the shoe was on the other foot how would they feel if there were certain things not done.”

The governor also called for easier unemployment benefits for any employee fired as a result of a vaccination status as well as a way to make “employees infected by the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Infection from the COVID-19 vaccine remains a rare side effect. Vaccination significantly reduces the incidence of COVID-19 and reduces the likelihood of developing a severe form of the disease.

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