Dionne Warwick invited Jake Gyllenhaal on Twitter over Taylor Swift songs

Dionne Warwick invited Jake Gyllenhaal on Twitter over Taylor Swift songs

Safe to say, actor Jake Gyllenhaal has had a rough two days.

Gyllenhaal, who previously dated Taylor Swift a decade ago, has been trending on Twitter since the new version of Swift’s album “Red” was released on Friday.

As we’re well aware, Swift is known for writing songs about her famous ex-boyfriends, and Swift certainly did so in 2012 when she wrote songs about her relationship with Gyllenhaal.

Obviously upon the album’s release, fans knew the songs were about it, but now that the album has been re-recorded, a 10-minute version of the album’s best song, “All Too Well,” has been released, with it, Swifties everywhere talking again about how Gyllenhaal broke Swift’s heart.

And it’s not just Swift’s fans who are talking about Gyllenhaal right now. Twitter icon and celebrity singer Dionne Warwick influenced the situation, and her tweets about the ex-couple are really hilarious.


Warwick not only summoned Gyllenhaal, but also offered to pay the postage so he could return a scarf to Swift.

For some context, in “All Too Well,” Swift sings about how she left her scarf at the house of the sister of the man she’s singing about — and how the man still wears the scarf.

There have been countless jokes and memes about the scarf, but Warwick’s shady, hilarious tweet totally takes the cake.

Oh, and if you don’t follow Warwick on Twitter yet, you’d better change that.

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