Ex-NFL RB Zac Stacy arrested after violent video surfaced

Ex-NFL RB Zac Stacy arrested after violent video surfaced

Former NFL and Vanderbilt Zack Stacy is facing a battery charge in Florida after allegations he attacked his ex-girlfriend.

Orlando police arrested Stacey, 30, Thursday night in connection with the November 13 incident at the woman’s home in Oakland, Florida.

He was being held in the Orange County Jail on charges of aggravated battery and criminal corruption.

The violent confrontation was recorded in a surveillance video and took place in front of the couple’s 5-month-old son, according to authorities. According to an arrest certificate obtained by The New York Post, Stacey picked the woman “like a ‘rag doll’ and threw her into a 65-inch TV.”

Disturbing video footage also shows Stacey hitting her in the head with a tool, repeatedly punching her and dragging her across the room before “beating her in the body,” according to police.

Oakland police responded to a complaint about a domestic disturbance, but Stacey left before they arrived.

He reportedly fled to Nashville, Tennessee, returned to Florida and was arrested without incident at Orlando Airport Thursday night after police urged him to turn himself in.

Stacy was a fifth-round draft pick in 2013 by the St. Louis Rams and played three seasons with the Rams (2013-14) and the New York Jets (2015). He rushed for 1,355 yards and nine touchdowns and earned 53 passes for 358 yards and one point in 35 games.

He rushed for 3,143 yards and 30 touchdowns at Vanderbilt from 2011 to 2012.

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