FAMU and Wells Fargo Bank Collaborate to Help Black and Minority Owned Businesses

FAMU and Wells Fargo Bank Collaborate to Help Black and Minority Owned Businesses

Dean Deidré Keller, FAMU Law and Candice Simmons, VP Community Relations Central Fl, Wells Fargo

Florida A&M University School of Law and Wells Fargo Bank have announced two exciting scholarships for law students and the community. The $110,000.00 grant from Wells Fargo Bank will be used to address some of the persistent economic inequalities in our community.

Economic Justice Initiative
Beginning in 2022, twenty FAMU Economic Justice Fellows will be selected over a two-year period to provide transactional legal support for minority and black-owned businesses, especially businesses in the Parramore community.

The Economic Justice Initiative will include a legal fellowship and clinical program in which law students provide black, minority-owned, and other disadvantaged small businesses free transaction legal services and advice. It will also provide support to individuals from disadvantaged communities and non-profit organizations operating in those communities.

Racial Justice Union Fellowship
As Racial Justice Fellows, law students work under the supervision of a public interest law organization through the Anti-Racism Initiative with other Florida law schools. The consortium was developed after the death of George Floyd and nationwide social justice protests.

Racial Justice Fellows are Terry Bunsen, sophomore, Las Vegas, Nevada and Cassidy Muth, sophomore, Claremont, Florida. Fellows receive scholarships of $5,000.00 while working with local organizations focused on fighting inequality. Bunsen and Mouth, who were selected from a pool of applicants, are supported by the Florida Restoration Rights Coalition (FRRC) and Florida Rural Legal Services (FRLS). These two Racial Justice Fellows will set the standard for the next group of Economic Justice Fellows, who will begin work next year.

“We thank Wells Fargo Bank for making these initiatives a reality,” said Deidre Keeler, Dean of FAMU Law. FAMU College of Law is committed to investing in our community, and with the support of partners like Wells Fargo Bank, our students will be better equipped to be true change agents. They’re a ratler for justice.”

Once selected, Economic Justice Fellows will work in FAMU Law’s legal clinic or externally with grassroots and community organizations to provide legal support, advice, and representation on critical economic issues, including small business regulation, regulatory issues, contract drafting and review, employment issues, finance and transactional issues other. Each Economic Justice Fellow will receive a stipend of $5,000 per semester and will be required to work 20-25 hours per week.

Famo Law School intends that the Wells Fargo Fellowship Project for Economic Justice will become a model that can be replicated in other underserved communities.

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