Federal court refuses to lift stay on vaccine mandate

Federal court refuses to lift stay on vaccine mandate

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FILE – Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, left, listens as Attorney General Jeff Landry, right, talks about drugs donated by drug companies to help fight COVID-19 at the governor’s office for Homeland Security and Emergency Management, April 6, 2020, in Patton Rogue, Los Angeles, On Friday, November 12, 2021, a federal court refused to lift its comment on the Biden administration’s vaccine authorization for companies with 100 or more workers. (Bill Feig/Attorney via AP, Pool, File)

Washington A federal court on Friday refused to lift its comment on the Biden administration’s authorization of a vaccine for companies with 100 or more workers.

The New Orleans-based Fifth Court of Appeals granted emergency stay last Saturday from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s requirement that these workers be vaccinated by January 4 or face mask requirements and weekly tests.

Lawyers for the Departments of Justice and Labor filed a response Monday saying that stopping the mandate from being implemented would only prolong the COVID-19 pandemic and would cost tens or even hundreds of lives a day.

But the appeals court rejected that argument on Friday. Judge Kurt de Engelhart wrote that the endowment is “highly in the public interest.”


“From economic uncertainty to conflict in the workplace, the mere specter of the mandate has contributed to untold economic turmoil in recent months,” Engelhart wrote.

At least 27 states filed legal challenges in at least six federal appeals courts after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration released its rules on November 4. The federal government said in its court filings on Monday that cases should be consolidated and that a circuit court in which it is a law is statutory. The appeal submitted at random on November 16 must be chosen for hearing.

Administration lawyers have said there is no reason to keep the vaccine’s mandate pending while the court in which cases are ultimately decided remains undecided.

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