Florida Representative Matt Gaetz wants Kyle Rittenhouse to be a congressional intern

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz wants Kyle Rittenhouse to be a congressional intern

If there are qualifications to serve in the halls of Congress, we doubt Matt Gates will enter. The Panhandle actor has spent the past year in a cloud of suspicion over his cheating and deceptive friendships, with allegations that he may have hired an underage sex worker.

Given the toxic milleiu that Gaetz runs, it makes sense that he’d want Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse on his team. In a recent interview with Newsmax, Gaetz brought up the idea of ​​bringing the teen currently on trial for murder to his office as an intern.

“He’s not guilty. He deserves a guilty verdict, and I certainly hope he gets it because, you know what?” Gates said, “We might reach out to him and see if he’s interested in helping the country in additional ways.”

We won’t even get into the gross inclusion of ‘additional Ways “when we’re talking about a kid who shot and killed two people. The facts of the shooting are: Rittenhouse killed a homeless man and another man he encountered in the initial shooting of that homeless man.

They weren’t Antifa super soldiers or legions funded by George Soros or any of the nonsense Fox News prepared this week to sell gold and life insurance to frightened seniors. Only a country that does not see walking with a gun to your chest in someone else’s town as a provocation can argue in self-defense in Rittenhouse killing an unarmed man.

Going further and suggesting that there is something redeemable or honorable in killing your fellow Americans on the street is disgusting even by Pervy McForehead’s standards. We were suggesting that Gates should be ashamed but any shame that the GOP’s nascent class of filthy invertebrates is long dead. It’s the only way to roast this way and go straight back to the nearest TV camera.

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