Former spa employee suspected of changing names in patient records

Former spa employee suspected of changing names in patient records

fire in the pit

12:15 a.m. – First block from John Anderson Drive

sabotage. Police suspect that three youths used fireworks to vandalize a men’s restroom at a local park, causing approximately $500 in damage, according to an accident report.

Two witnesses walking in the park saw the men get out of a darkened four-door car and run toward the bathrooms, the report said. After a few minutes, they ran back to the car and were heard by witnesses saying they had to leave “quickly”. Witnesses decided to investigate the men’s strange behavior and discovered that the men’s toilet was full of smoke and that the toilet had been broken.

Police responded to the scene and noticed “torn pieces of blue paper” scattered over the bathroom as well as a burn mark on the sink. The officer in charge determined that it appeared that the men, suspected of being between the ages of 18 and 20, had attempted to smash the sink and toilet with fireworks.

New patient registration

12:17 pm – 1400 block west of Granada Street

forgery. A former employee at a local spa is suspected of altering the records of about 20 patients by changing their names in their system after she quit her job.

According to the police report, the 39-year-old employee was called into the office to discuss the negative performance review when she announced she would like to give her two weeks’ notice. When she was collecting her belongings, the employee caused a scene and was asked to return only when she had a scheduled appointment.

Later that night, negative social media posts about the company were reported to management that were “vulgar and defamatory,” according to the police incident report. The employee also sent text messages to patients asking them to seek services outside the spa. The next morning, the female employee was seen entering the building where she collected more of her things before leaving. While there, a staff member at the front desk noticed that there were patients whose information had been modified. For example, one name was changed to “Lollipop Kid”. The employee also changed her name in the system to “Donnie Darko”.

Police report investigation is underway.

repeat offender

9:06 p.m. – Junction of Main Passage and North Nova Road

DUI. Police arrested a 72-year-old man from Ormond Beach for drunk driving and claimed he could have been arrested for the same crime 27 times in his life. He had previous DUI arrests and no convictions.

According to the man’s arrest report, the man was seen speeding westward on the main road after hitting a crosswalk signal at the North Nova Road intersection. An eyewitness who saw him bleeding after the incident said the man told her not to call the police. Another witness said he spotted the man’s car on Nottingham Drive and followed it after it nearly hit his car and saw that the airbags were in place and that the car had already been damaged. The man’s car was smoking and hit a garbage can along the road, according to the witness.

When the reporting officer called the man, he noticed that the man was visibly drunk. He was asked to perform field sobriety exercises and claimed to have several balance issues, but did not reveal what those issues were. According to his arrest report, he told the officer, “They are what they are.”

He failed field sobriety exercises. He was taken to prison.

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