France has criticized Britain’s latest proposal on migrants

France has criticized Britain’s latest proposal on migrants

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A temporary camp for migrants is set up along the river at Loon Plage, near Grande-Synthe, northern France, Friday, November 26, 2021. Children and pregnant women were among at least 27 migrants who died when their small boat sank trying to cross the Channel, he said French government official Thursday. (AP Photo/ Rafael Yaghobzadeh)

callis Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: — France reacted angrily on Friday to Britain’s latest proposals to deal with the deadly influx of migrants between its shores. The French government said a British minister was no longer welcome at a European meeting to discuss the problem and portrayed the British prime minister as a double person.

The angry response, made by government spokesman Gabriel Attal, came after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked France to return all migrants who crossed illegally from its shores to Britain. Johnson proposed the deal in a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Atal dismissed the idea, describing it as “obviously not what we need to solve this problem”.

He said the message was “totally inconsistent” with discussions Johnson and Macron had on Wednesday after 27 migrants died trying to cross the English Channel.

“We are tired of double talk,” Atal said.

France is withdrawing the invitation of British Home Secretary Priti Patel to join a meeting of ministers on Sunday in Calais, one of the French coastal towns where migrants bound for Britain gather before trying to cross, Atal said.

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