Fundraising Campaign Launched for Hacked Central Florida Post

Fundraising Campaign Launched for Hacked Central Florida Post

Despite the suspensions from Twitter and Facebook, journalist and activist Jacob Engels has remained a consistent participant in local and national politics. Even after being banned from social media, Engels maintained a presence on many different sites, including his own Central Florida Post, until recently, when an unknown hacker took his offline site.

Critics and supporters alike expressed their reaction to the ban, although Engels’ allies were quicker to express positive feelings about his work with the creation of the engine.

The fundraising effort set a sum of $6,500 to bring the site back to life. The site’s sun-soaked logo and the entire archive seem to be down, replaced by Chinese characters.

Engels and Trump confidant Roger Stone now appear as featured images on a temporary landing page as the countdown clock approaches the page’s reopening.

Over the years, Engels has broken many well-known local and national stories, many of which have been featured in media outlets such as Fox News and CNN and in publications such as daily Mail and the Orlando Sentinel, among other things.

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