Historic 19th century Orlando Queen Anne is on the market for $1.9M

Historic 19th century Orlando Queen Anne is on the market for $1.9M

There are a precious few conservatives among wealthy Florida residents. All too often, historic homes and irreplaceable natural features are razed and razed for tiny molded chests and glossy white cubic mansions.

Which means an 1884 Queen Anne along Lake Cherokee would be amazing just because she got this far. But the small, well-kept details and impeccable maintenance have made the so-called O’Neal Home a true marvel.

The house along what used to be called Honeymoon Row got its name from one of its most famous residents: William Russel O’Neal. As was common for the prominent businessmen of his day, O’Neill had an iron at nearly every fire in the city. He was a librarian, banker, acting mayor, city council president, postmaster, and trustee of Rollins College.

O’Neill was also a columnist who wrote regularly on Orlando’s early history. Perhaps most notably, O’Neill was a Republican who upset local racists before a fraught election that ended with race riots and the Oko massacre. The local Ku Klux Klan leader sent O’Neal a letter warning him not to help vote exits in the black community in Orlando.

“Now if you are a researcher, you know that history repeats itself, and that who resorts to your type of game deals with tools with edges,” the threat message read.

Back in the present, O’Neill’s former home still houses parlors, libraries, and other rooms that haven’t changed much in the intervening years (other than layers of paint where there was almost certainly wallpaper). The 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom home is represented by Stephen Schaeffer of Olde Town Realtors. Asking price: $1.95 million.

Photo via Zillow.

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