Holiday 2021 Guide: Make a List and Double Check | Holiday Guide | Orlando

Holiday 2021 Guide: Make a List and Double Check |  Holiday Guide |  Orlando

Earlier this week, on a late evening stroll to enjoy the winter weather – let’s face it – here in the beautiful city, we stumbled upon one inflatable holiday, a mix of Santa and a snowman.

A cheerfully lit lawn ornament seemed like a harbinger of the holiday season just around the corner. “Too early,” we sniff. But really, is it? After last year’s vacation, it’s probably best to start early to make up for lost time. Maybe this year could be a year to see all the relatives (the estranged) without worry, see things, do things, try to be a little playful and raise a glass of joy…in public.

If that’s where you are this year too, lose yourself in this year’s holiday guide to events, attractions, and markets. When we put together this guide, we were just honestly surprised What is the price going on this year. There is something for all tastes and comfort levels across all kinds of distractions and fun, from arts to commerce. We also have pointers on things to do with family and friends who might come to visit from out of town. (By the way, the writing felt surreal.)

And as always, our special annual gift to you, a die-hard fan of the printed page, is some fancy wrapping paper that’s sure to go in and enhance any little gift.

Wishing you a delicious Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah. I love thy Orlando Weekly editors.

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