Isaiah Wong fuels Miami’s rally to beat North Texas

Isaiah Wong fuels Miami’s rally to beat North Texas

Isaiah Wong scored 14 of 21 points in the second half to lead Miami to a 69-63 win over North Texas in the consolation round of the ESPN Events Invitational Friday afternoon in Kissimmee, Florida.

Miami (4-2) recovered from trailing 12 points in the first half to avoid what would have been their third loss of the season for a mid-level team, with UCF and Dayton winning Hurricanes earlier.

The Hurricane also had 18 points and 11 rebounds from Cameron McGusty and 16 from Charlie Moore. McGusty made 10 of 11 free throws and added three steals.

Miami fired 54.2 percent from the game floor, including 4 of 12 three-pointers.

North Texas (2-3), who lost their second game in a row in this tournament, topped Thomas Bell by 18 points.

Maine Green’s top scorer, Taylor Perry, who puts up 23 points against Kansas on Thursday, was battling stomach flu on Friday. He was suspended on 14 points, and also missed three key free throws in the last three minutes.

UNT’s Robin Jones added 11 points before losing with 14 seconds left.

The green average lost despite making 13 of 27 three-pointers (48.1 percent). But overall, they shot just 44.2 percent.

The first half belongs to North Texas. With a 17-17 tie, Mean Green went into the 11-0 round.

By the first half, North Texas was ahead 40-28, shooting 57.7 percent from the field and 52.9 percent (9 out of 17) from downtown.

Miami’s shot does well from the ground (50 percent), but the Hurricanes didn’t make many three-pointers (1 of 4) in the inning.

The Canes started the second half with a score of 13-3, but North Texas broke that momentum a bit with a lucky Bell 3 pointer bent out of the glass.

But Miami continued to advance and topped the first in the second half on the Moore 3 Index which gave Canes a 50-48 advantage with 12:16 remaining.

Then, with a 59-59 tie, McGusty used a screen and backdoor pass from Sam Waardenburg to hit the ball with 2:35 left.

Perry, who has been a streak aged 17 for 17 years off the foul streak this season, missed two free throws, and fired Wong into the base jump to give Miami a 63-59 lead with 1:18 remaining.

Miami ran out of her free throws from there to win the match.

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