Knicks continues his home, hoping to freeze the scorching sun

Knicks continues his home, hoping to freeze the scorching sun

The New York Knicks will be hoping to ride the momentum of the Los Angeles Lakers to their second consecutive home win versus winning the Western Conference title as they seek to calm the visiting Phoenix Suns on Friday night.

She traded the Knicks’ losses and wins in their last six games, and in fact followed up all of their previous five wins with a loss. Two of those came after potential wins in building momentum over the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers.

“We can be really good,” Evan Fournier noted after scoring 26 points in the 106-100 win over the Lakers. “We just have to trust the way we play, and when we have a way to play, you just have to stay with it.”

The Knicks won twice in a row at home, but that came right after a 104-98 home loss to the Orlando Magic. This came after a fan’s 92-84 home win over the Indiana Pacers.

Now here comes the most important thing happening in the NBA. The Suns have won 14 times in a row, including wins over the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers in the past four days to start their four-game run.

A showdown with the Brooklyn Nets will take place Saturday night across town.

Phoenix’s winning streak has included his last six road shows. Neither the 115-111 victory over Tottenham nor the 120-115 victory over the Cavaliers was easy.

Suns star Devin Booker pointed out that winning close matches definitely beats losing close matches, who did not make the playoffs until his sixth season in Phoenix.

“I’m just trying to find ways to win,” he insisted this week. “That’s what it’s up to. That’s the reputation I was trying to break after my first few years in the league, for being at the bottom of the NBA. So if you want to see basketball winning, you’re at the Suns we play together. It’s a mentality” we score “.We have a lot of talented players, and any night can be an opportunity for anyone.”

The winning streak has proven it. While Poker leads the team in scoring in those 14 games with an average of 23.6, the other nine players averaged at least 7.5 points.

In that period, JaVale McGee scored the best (66.3%); Deandre Ayton was the best playmaker (12.0); Chris Paul led the club in both assists (10.3) and steals (2.2); And Michal Bridges compiled the best overall plus/minus sign (154).

The Suns have enjoyed recent visits to New York, winning three in a row with an average of 16.3 points. Last year’s 118-110 victory, in which Booker scored 33 points, was the closest of the three.

The trip to New York provides an annual highlight for Paul, who has played his entire career in the Western Conference and thus has not played more than once at Madison Square Garden in any given year.

He scored six doubles in his 11 visits, with three consecutive games ending last year when he contributed 20 points, six assists and five rebounds to win.

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