Mana will play Residence Game at The Forum in Los Angeles

Mana will play Residence Game at The Forum in Los Angeles

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Mana will perform next year’s concert at The Forum in Los Angeles, the city they call their second home and where they broke audience records.

For a Mexican pop rock band, the real challenge will be to continue to deliver unique shows, and they promise that they won’t stop scheduling if the audience demands more.

“We’re very excited, and very happy to be back, it’s been over two years since we played our last show,” drummer Alex Gonzalez said via video call from the band’s hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico.

The residency announced will begin on Monday next year with first dates scheduled for March 18 and 19 and April 22 and 23. Tickets will go on sale Friday via Ticketmaster.

He said, “Los Angeles is like our second home after Guadalajara, and this is where our career began when the ‘Spanish rock’ movement took off.” Our first show was at the Hollywood Palladium back in 1993 when we were doing “¿Dónde Jugarán los Niños?” From there it exploded and ran to the rest of the country in the United States.”


L.A.’s love for the band, which won four Grammys and seven Latin Awards, did not subside. In 2019, Maná broke a record at The Forum with seven concerts a year, defeating Kanye West and The Eagles.

“It’s going to be fun, exciting and emotional because we don’t know what the outcome will be. We’re not thinking about breaking records, we’re thinking ‘let’s go and play and play as long as people want to see us there,'” Gonzalez said.

The residence will hold two concerts per month, with more dates added to suit demand.

“We are planning a lot of different things, the fixed menu, we are planning to invite guests,” Gonzalez said, adding that the production will be very different from his last Rayando el Sol Tour.

“We wanted to give the fans a really, really great experience. We want this to be something they remember, and cherish,” he said. “It’s something we won’t do again. This is a once in a lifetime thing.”


Mana has been keeping a close eye on the re-emergence of concerts after the pandemic has stopped and has preferred to wait until next year in search of more stability within and outside the industry.

“We wanted to wait and let things settle so that people could recover economically,” Gonzalez said. “We’ve always been really, really worried about our fans and always want them to be happy.”

After 35 years of releasing hit songs like “Rayando el Sol”, “Oye Mi Amor”, “De Pies a Cabeza”, “Lips Compartidos”, “Bendita Tu Luz” and “Mi Verdad”, they have no plans to stop performing.

“I hope Mana will be a squad that can follow in the footsteps of other famous and important teams like Aerosmith, who have done all their lives, or U2, or Stones,” Gonzalez said. “We were training after a long time not playing together and the amazing thing was that when we entered the training room the energy was so amazing… like you put the pause button on, then paused the off button and it was like nothing happened.”


The ability to perform in one city without having to go on an international tour will allow the band to continue working on new releases, including one of their duets. Their next studio album will be released in 2023, and the band is eager to introduce new music after their 2015 hit “Cama Incendiada.”

On Thursday they will release a very Mexican version of “Mariposa Traicionera” with Alejandro Fernandez, which will be part of their duo’s album.

“It was really fun doing this project,” Gonzalez said. “It’s a way to make versions of songs that have hit or liked people, but with other artists who also love Maná.”

Speaking of other celebs like Mana, the band’s vocalist recently performed a special that interpreted the classic Mexican regional music song “El Rey” during the fight between Ciel “Canelo” Alvarez and Caleb Plant that ended with the Mexican boxer turning into a Mexican boxer. The undisputed middleweight champion.


“I loved it,” Gonzalez said of the presentation he saw while celebrating his wife’s birthday. “I think it was a great fight and he is someone who is doing everything in his power to put Mexico’s name in high regard.”

Gonzalez said he was happy to support a friend from Guadalajara as well: “You know, we played at his wedding. There is a beautiful friendship that lasted many years and it was great to have Veer with Canelo supporting him.”

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