‘Mia Law’ aims to improve apartment safety in Florida

‘Mia Law’ aims to improve apartment safety in Florida

Mia Marcano’s family strives to make sure that what happened to their beautiful daughter will never happen to anyone else. “Mia“Law” inspired by the name Mia Marcano, a 19-year-old college student who was tragically murdered in her apartment in September of this year. Police believe that the killer was a maintenance worker working in the apartment, who, despite having a criminal record, was able to obtain a master key to access the apartment, where he waited for her to return home.

After conducting its own due diligence, the Miya Foundation and its community advocates submitted draft language and policy for inclusion in the bill, titled Miya’s Law, with a bill from the office of Orlando Senator Linda Stewart and state representative Robin Bartelman.

At a minimum, the family notes glaring issues of security protection against access to building keys and background checks of employees to protect tenants. Mia Marcano’s family strives to prioritize the safety of the more than 2.8 million tenants who live in Florida. The foundation will also work in coordination with state representatives from both sides of the corridor along with industry organizations representing multi-unit real estate companies. The organization firmly believes that tenant safety is a bipartisan concern.

“Having Miya Law is our top priority,” said Judy Lewis, a broad member of the MMF. “We are thrilled that Senator Stewart and Representative Bartelman have come together with our volunteers to help us make this happen.”

Senator Stewart said: “Mia’s death is a horrific tragedy – it has brought to light the problems with apartment safety and security.” “We’ve heard so many horror stories about some landlords who ignore their tenants’ security by issuing master keys to maintenance workers without any background checks. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home and we hope Mia Law helps make that happen.”

The bill requires landlords to perform a background check on all apartment employees. The background check must include a national examination of criminal history records and records of the sexual offender and sexual offender. The examination will specifically include criminal offenses that involve violence or disregard for the safety of others, and allow the property owner to disqualify individuals with criminal records from the business. The bill also strengthens requirements regarding access to individual units, increases the required notice to 24 hours and requires apartments to put in place policies to issue and return all keys and maintain a key registry to ensure that access is granted to authorized individuals only at authorized times.

“On behalf of the Mia Marcano Foundation, thank you for your continued support,” said Yma Suling Scarbriel, MiaMarlon Marcano’s mother, Miafather. “Our daughter meant the world to us. Although we still mourn the loss MiaWe are sincerely grateful to everyone who came together to help our family MiaThe law was filed within the state of Florida. We firmly believe that traversing”MiaLaw will save lives. We hope that lawmakers from both sides will vote unanimously to passMia“Law”. Our Daughter Act can save the life of your daughter or your loved one, so when you go to vote, please think about it Mia. “

There are approximately 1.4 million housing units in Florida with a population of 2.8 million, according to We Are Apartments.

“As the father of a daughter in a rented apartment at the University of Florida – I expect she’s safe and she’s going home,” said actor Bartelman. “That was MiaHer parents’ expectations and lives changed forever. This horrific tragedy has helped illuminate the security gaps that exist, and we must ensure the safety of all Florida residents in our multifamily rentals. Everyone has the right to expect safety in their home. This law and work through the Foundation will ensure the safety of not only our children but the millions of families renting in our state.”

“Every Florida citizen has a loved one and possibly a college student or elderly relative we wish for their enduring safety and security,” said Marlon Hill, the foundation’s legal advisor. “The MIA Act is proposed bipartisan legislation that seeks to prioritize tenant safety in multi-unit properties with required background checks for employees and a control system for access to tenants’ building keys. This law will impact thousands of families in protecting our expectations of safety in the sanctity of our homes.”

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