New book sheds light on the life of the future Queen of the Netherlands

New book sheds light on the life of the future Queen of the Netherlands

The Hague People in the Netherlands can get to know the future queen a little better by publishing an authorized book on Tuesday about Princess Amalia, three weeks before her 18th birthday.

The book delves into Amalia’s school life, her occasional job at the beach bar, her love of horseback riding and her educational plans. The princess has recently graduated from high school and is taking a watershed year before going to college. She does not yet know what she will study but says she is interested in history, economics and law.

Amalia also reveals that she sometimes sees a mental health professional.

“I don’t think it’s taboo. The princess is quoted as saying in the book: ‘There’s no problem saying that in public’.”

Everyone talks about healthy eating and exercise. This is also very important,” she says. But how important is it to maintaining your mental health? You can’t have one without the other.

Claudia de Brij, the famous writer, singer and comedian, wrote the book after a series of meetings over the summer with Amalia, the eldest of three daughters of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima and first in line to the Dutch throne.


Similar books about her father and grandmother were published around their eighteenth birthday as a way of introducing them to the public.

“It’s very cool,” Amalia said of the book in a short virtual conversation with de Brig. Posted on Twitter From the Dutch royal house.

“There are a lot of personal things about me in him,” she said. β€œIt is very exciting. I think the entire book paints a very beautiful picture of who I am.”

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