New releases of Gerald Law II and Little Lazy in Orlando | This is Little Underground | Orlando

New releases of Gerald Law II and Little Lazy in Orlando |  This is Little Underground |  Orlando

Orlando Gerald’s second law He was distinguishing himself in the city’s music scene through conceptual transitions that make music intersect with things like technology and social ideas. And the latest manifestation of that is his new album, from c. Yours, Vol. Third.

The first two volumes of from G. to you The albums were dedicated to his grandmothers (airline. I) and wife (second volume). However, the latter is intended for his infant son and naturally consists of lullabies. For parents of children, they must be listened to. But this does not necessarily exclude the category of the population trained to use the bathroom.

First, the music here is clearly aimed more at calming rather than pleasant. Furthermore, the technique that Law used to make these songs is the same high-tech method he was recently exploring in his Sensory Vibes project, which uses the Sunhouse percussion sensory system that allows for full melodic power through the drums. The result is a wonderful confluence of innovation, artistry, and loving parenthood.

To fully illustrate the magic going on in these recordings, Lu has also posted videos on YouTube of him performing the songs. But the entire collection is streaming on the major platforms and available on Bandcamp.

Orlando has had its share of great two-piece rock band lore, and even enjoyed an ongoing series dedicated to the format for a while back in the early 2010s with Two Piece Mini Fest. Recently, a little lazy Singer-guitarist Brendan Buford and drummer Kevin Cook have emerged as one of the city’s most distinctive duets with a blues-rock sound reminiscent of the populist offspring of the Black Keys. Their new single “Rich Man” showcases Little Lizzie’s best tendencies and is one of the most compelling songs they’ve released so far. It’s streaming everywhere now.

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