ONSCREEN simplifies the TV-based video calling experience for seniors

ONSCREEN simplifies the TV-based video calling experience for seniors

on the screenSilverSCREEN, a startup focused on connecting friends and family through life-size experiences on their TVs, has announced a suite of seniors-focused features designed to simplify the experience of making and receiving video calls on TV.

Based on feedback from actual customers who use on the screen As we set out to check on elderly family members, we developed our new SilverSCREEN features to make communication with these key members of our families easier and more satisfying,” said Andrew Blow, CEO at on the screen.

NEW SilverSCREEN FEATURES ADDED TO on the screen The Spark TV video calling platform includes:

Users can now add the closest contacts to the Favorites list. This allows making quick and easy calls with the click of a button instead of scrolling through the phone menu. Adding favorites unlocks two other features in SilverSCREEN – Easy Mode and Auto Reply.

easy mode
Eliminate distractions and complexity by placing favorites front and center on the mobile app’s home screen. Simply open the app and tap on the contact to start a call.

Auto answer
Ideal for checking in on elderly parents and grandparents, this much needed feature automatically answers incoming calls from people in the user’s favorites list. When a call comes in from a favorite contact, on the screen Spark box automatically changes the TV input and starts a 30-second countdown before the video call is connected automatically.

on the screen It has created a unique video calling and connectivity platform that brings video calling to any TV, and enhances the experience by utilizing the largest screen in the home. Whether making video calls through on the screenA secure network, or host and join Zoom meetings, using the TV as your home screen can feel as if you are both in the same room, receiving a truly personal visit. This is achieved by combining the company on the screen Spark TV Smart Camera, iOS and Android apps, and their powerful global infrastructure.

The on the screen The Spark TV Smart Camera, available onscreeninc.com and Amazon for $99.99, includes a core processor, an HD camera with dual microphones, and access to a on the screen Services. on the screen The mobile apps are free to use and can be downloaded on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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