“Our community feels like a war zone:” MetroWest residents

“Our community feels like a war zone:” MetroWest residents

It’s no secret that Orlando, like most cities in the United States, has a fair share of minimal real estate, caused in part by criminal activity in those areas.

The sad predicament many of these residents are facing should be pityed. Our leaders and law enforcement officials must continually work to thwart crime. But it appears that in recent months and years such activity has begun to recover at an alarming rate.

Anyone who subscribes to the Ring Doorbell App community feature can simply see this every day. No need to report criminal statistics by any official government agency. The app’s forums are peppered with constant reports of shootings and burglaries.

Even more disturbing is the expansion of this treacherous criminality into the previously quiet working class, middle class and affluent societies alike, most notably in the neighboring village of Metrostrust of Doctor Phillips.

From the start, the developers have aimed to make MetroWest a family-friendly community, extending suburban reach into southwest Orlando. MetroWest Golf Club brought the promise of middle-class luxury and sophistication but with the advent of inexpensive Section 8 condominiums, the tide of this quiet community began rapidly changing toward crime and poverty.

A short bike ride or drive from the great mansions of Arnold Palmer Bayhill and Isleworth, the Metro West community may be on the verge of further decline—leaving many residents wondering if Dr. Phillips will be next.

Our leaders must strengthen law enforcement and police patrols in these areas to not only secure their interest but to ensure the safety of all citizens within the city and county. Stopping police funding, as many in the Black Lives Matter movement are suggesting, will only further undermine the safety of society as a whole.

Not surprisingly, the movement, with the full support of the mayor, curtailed police power and encouraged criminals. If you doubt the level of complicity our city and county leaders share with this corrupt behavior, look no further than the “Black Lives Matter” street paintings that have been smeared along the Lake Eola section of E Rosalind Ave.

Instead of promoting criminals and building bridges to anywhere, Mayor Dyer and all municipal officials should focus on maintaining order and peace in our city and county.

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