Peace of mind: a misplaced expectation | Sumter County Shopper

Peace of mind: a misplaced expectation |  Sumter County Shopper

Anticipation alone is an excellent motivator. It prepares us for the things that have been achieved so far, and motivates us to continue on the path until we hold the reward we have come to expect all along.

By definition, expectation means: a strong belief that something will happen or will happen in the future.

What we face is when we make mistakes in setting our expectations and cast them on our fellow human beings.

Maybe we think someone should pick up the dry cleaning, put gas in our car, watch our kids, visit us on our schedule, get out of trouble and act pretty much as we expect them to.

When they fail to meet our expectations, we allow unmet needs to distort our feelings, give them the cold shoulder, yell at them, and/or play a passive-aggressive game until all sides lose.

He didn’t tell me I was beautiful turns out that I don’t sit next to him. She didn’t buy me anything for my birthday evolve into See if I invited her to anything again.

The Bible says we are born with free will, so people have license to choose what they say and do. It doesn’t matter if it aligns with what we think they should do.

Martha learned this lesson in Luke 10:39-42. Imagine that it was this task that prompted the woman enslaving her in the kitchen to make sure that Jesus and the disciples were fed. She cooks, cooks, serves, cleans until her fingers hurt.

We have to admit that her intentions were solid. She was serving the Lord after all. Here’s where I stumbled: Martha expected her sister, Mary, to be along with her, and put on the same sweats as she did.

Now imagine Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet, eyes wide and hungry for every morsel of wisdom he shared, allowing his words to guide her spiritual growth.

Turn back to Martha who was so upset, and aggravated that she came into Jesus’ face as a sullen child and told him to tell Mary to come down from her admirers and do her part.

I definitely grew up doing my part, so Martha’s request always seemed reasonable to me.

However, Jesus blew up Martha’s expectations when he answered her:

Luke 41-42 And the Lord answered her, saying, Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things. 42 Only one or a few things are needed. Mary chose the good part that is for her own good, and which will not be taken away from her.

He redirected Martha, making her realize that she was the originator of many things that bothered her and that her sister was not responsible for it, but for her own well-being.

This week’s exercise:

Ask God and fulfill your expectations.

Remember that you are a powerful son of God and everything you need to come out of the ashes of the past lives within you. Your comments of encouragement, questions, and prayer requests have been truly blessed. Keep comers.

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