Portugal sees jump in COVID-19 cases, eyes restricted

Portugal sees jump in COVID-19 cases, eyes restricted

Lisbon – Portugal on Wednesday reported the largest number of new daily COVID-19 infections since July amid an increase in cases across Europe, although hospital admissions are rising slower in the country where 86% of people are vaccinated.

On Thursday, the Portuguese government is set to announce the new epidemiological restrictions it is imposing, seven weeks after canceling almost all of them due to a high vaccination rate and a reduced potential threat from the Corona virus.

And the General Directorate of Health officially announced, on Wednesday, 3,773 new cases of infection, including 681 cases in hospitals, 105 in intensive care units, and 17 deaths. The number of patients requiring hospitalization was the highest since September.

On November 1, Portugal reported less than 500 new infections, 360 people were hospitalized, 60 are in intensive care and five deaths. These numbers were similar to those a month ago.


The rise reflects a broader increase in Europe, with some countries tightening restrictions sharply, but the government said it did not anticipate the urgent need for a lockdown.

The young health minister, Antonio Lacerda Sales, said the booster doses would start next week for people who took a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s dose – about 250,000 people.

Authorities are considering whether to start vaccinating children aged 5 to 11.


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