raining cats and dogs | Sumter County Shopper

raining cats and dogs |  Sumter County Shopper

Sumter County Animal Services staff and volunteers may have felt like it was raining cats and dogs in recent months, as they found themselves dealing with increasing numbers of animals in need of homes.

“As a result of the pandemic, shelters and rescues across the country have seen a massive influx of succumbed animals,” Animal Services said in a news release. “This has caused an overpopulation problem as shelters are only meant to provide temporary care for animals that are in transition and need housing because they are lost, injured or need a home forever. Fortunately, over the past two weeks, our rescue partners have scaled up again” .

With their help, Animal Services were able to reduce the number of their shelter by 43 cats and 15 dogs.

Recently for the Humane Society of Lake County’s WestMUTTster Dog Show, three dogs were adopted into county care as well. Over the following weeks, the shelter also saw an increase in adoptions, foster care, and volunteering.

“It is with sincere appreciation that we thank Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Happy Tails Acceptions, Hoffmeyer Animal Rescue, Lake County Humane Society, Live to Purr Another Day Rescue, Poodles and Pooch Rescue of Florida, and Purrrfect Angels Rescue for the hard work. In order to make sure these animals continue to be well cared for as they are placed in their new fur homes.” “These rescues are constantly finding ways to support the ‘no-kill’ shelter every time our residents are in crisis mode.”

In addition, Sumter County Animal Services thanks its volunteers and staff for their dedication.

“With their support, staff can focus on the health and well-being of all our animals,” the shelter said.

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