Readers Talk About Scooters, Crocodiles, and Travis Scott’s Astroworld | first words | Orlando

Readers Talk About Scooters, Crocodiles, and Travis Scott’s Astroworld |  first words |  Orlando

Last week we wrote about a home-made alligator on a Palm Beach golf course, and the distinct possibility that nothing can be done about it. “The Fish and Wildlife Commission says federal law will not allow alligator removal, so please use caution near our golf course pools,” a post on Village of North Palm Beach Twitter read. And of course, you had some molten stuff.

Tweet embed Well, this is a crocodile …

Tweet embed Magic always comes at a price…

Tweet embed It’s a golf course now.

Tweet embed This is a missed opportunity to get a great headline. Like “An eccentric crocodile conquers the country club.”

Tweet embed Where’s the guy with the trash? He was taking care of her.

Tweet embed [Crocodiles] They almost killed so much that they needed protection because the people who had no experience with them were afraid of the big animals that hadn’t killed anyone yet. See: alligators, Florida panther/cougar, indigo snakes (the saddest example). Don’t let ignorance control you.

We reported last week that an Orlando woman – Kidzia Rodriguez, 20 – was at the Travis Scott Astroworld party, where a crowd left eight dead and many injured, and later shared her experience on social media. “People were pushing and pushing,” she told a local TV station. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe. Houston authorities revealed that the concert was announced as a mass loss event a full 40 minutes before the show was due to stop. Although Rodriguez managed to escape this admiration, she said she feels “guilt” for walking away from the show.

Tweet embed Our prayers are for the families who have lost loved ones.

Tweet embed No offense to anyone who digs this kind of music, but you wouldn’t catch me in a party crowd like sardine-filled sardines like this one. If I accidentally happen to go into a view like this, I’m fine in the back looking at the screens.

Tweet embed That’s what always happens on these crap rap shows. In Woodstock, there were 10 times as many people over the course of 3 days and no one died. Keep your children and grandchildren away from this garbage. Introduce them to real rock and roll. [Editor’s note: Three people died and there were more than 3,000 reported injuries at Woodstock ’69.]

Tweet embed Act like all humans aren’t a demon in disguise, if he’s clever about that, he complained when I actually went and lmao supported him in his fake human ass.

We reported last Tuesday that Orlando city leaders have chosen to make e-scooters a permanent presence in the city. The city council has modified ordinances for the scooter-sharing program — along with making the pilot program permanent, the city has made changes to allow legal driving on the curb. Your feelings were mixed.

Tweet embed As a downtown business owner, these scooters are a constant hassle. Every day I find her lying on the sidewalk and/or lying in the bushes. I always have to carry them to bear because I am so proud of my city and I can’t get past anything thrown on the ground.

Tweet embed It’s also a big problem for people with mobility issues or disabilities. If someone is in a wheelchair, they can be banned completely.

Tweet embed I live in the city center and scooters are a great mode of transportation. Sure beats paying $20 to park my car three blocks away.

Tweet embed The popularity of e-scooters in urban areas around the world has become a preferred source of commuting for tourists and business travelers. Especially those who do not have an extensive subway or mass transit solution. Many cities have begun building lanes in downtown streets that provide bicycles and wheeled riders to safely avoid pedestrians and cars. Hopefully Orlando will recognize this issue, and begin making the small adjustments needed to accommodate it.

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