Rose Villa in Ormond Beach transformed into ‘Gingerbread Fantasy’

Rose Villa in Ormond Beach transformed into ‘Gingerbread Fantasy’

This holiday season, Ormond Beach has its very own gingerbread house.

Rose Villa Southern Table and Bar, located at 43 W. Granada Blvd. , to ‘Gingerbread Fantasy’ via a decorative light show, and from now until January 9th, it will provide the opportunity for locals to decorate their gingerbread homes. It’s a unique experience the restaurant is happy to offer, as there aren’t many opportunities to decorate a gingerbread house while inside a house decorated like a gingerbread house, said Pat Sullivan, Rose Villa Operating Manager.

Sullivan thought of the idea shortly after last year’s holiday season when he saw Rose Villa from across the street. He thought to himself, “A restaurant is like a gingerbread house.” With COVID-19 affecting how people celebrate in 2020, he knew he wanted to come up with and implement new ideas for this Christmas season.

“I was thinking to myself, ‘Christmas is going to be big in 2021. Let’s try something different,'” Sullivan said.

To celebrate the first “Gingerbread Fantasy” show, artist Birago also created the Rose Villa that is decorated on site.

family activity

On Friday, November 19, the first day of the Gingerbread Fantasy show, an Ormond Beach family became the first to decorate their gingerbread house.

Katie and Matt Hoffman and their 7-year-old son Carter have decorated the gingerbread houses at home in the past, and when Katie Hoffman saw on Facebook that Rose Villa was looking for families to share, she called the restaurant. I told Carter what they were going to do, and he feared that the gingerbread house would collapse. Carter told his mom they always did.

“I’m like, ‘No, they’re going to actually have the house together.'” “So you just decorate it,” Katie Hoffman said. “Because that’s the fun part.”

While Carter focused on putting the ice in the house, laughing as he slipped before he could put the candy on, his dad Matt Hoffman said it’s always fun to see him unleash his inner artist.

“He’s such a creative kid,” he said, “and it’s very interesting to see where he takes things.”

Gingerbread house decoration is available daily from 10am to noon by reservation only. It costs $99 and will accommodate groups of up to 16 people. Villa Rose has 800 gingerbread houses ready for assembly and decoration.

City center diversion

The holiday show is installed in two days by B Morrow Productions, a design production company that showcases resorts, museums, and theme parks. Producer Erin Payne said their team installed more than 10,000 bulbs.

“It’s just a fantastic opportunity for us at B Morrow Productions to come and turn our beautiful Rose Villa into a gingerbread house,” she said.

Besides the lights adorning the historic home, which served as a bed and breakfast for rich and famous visitors to Ormond Beach beginning in 1901, the Gingerbread Fantasy screen consists of topiary snowmen, themed glass windows, lollipops and gingerbread men – one of which sports a handlebar mustache in honor of the local developer Bill Jones, who restored the house in 2007.

Jones stopped by the restaurant on the first day of the show and praised the idea.

“It brings out the child in me,” he said.

Next to his gingerbread man is a gingerbread version of the French Bulldog, Winston. Other gingerbread dogs on display are Sullivan’s Husky, and managing partner Kirk Roberts’ poodles.

Jones, who has restored and built several buildings in downtown Ormond Beach — including the 31 Supper Club, Ormond Garage and Pumphouse, which is still under construction — said the restoration of Rose Villa was a project that took nearly three years. He and his team restored the original fixtures and doors, returning the home to its former glory.

Jones said he fell in love with Ormond Beach in 1986 when he moved from New York State. “Slowly but surely,” he said, he has been working to turn downtown into a place where the mom and pop business thrives.

“I thought we’d build something, let’s make a middle ground,” Jones said. “I was trying to do it with the help of all these people.”

To book a gingerbread house, call 386-615-7773. Visit

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