Russia records a record number of deaths from the Corona virus for the second consecutive day

Russia records a record number of deaths from the Corona virus for the second consecutive day

Moscow – Russia’s record high coronavirus death toll continued for a second day in a row on Saturday, with the number of new infections falling.

The state’s coronavirus task force has reported 1,254 COVID-19 deaths, matching Friday’s tally.

The task force also reported 37,120 new confirmed cases. New daily infections in recent weeks appear to have trended downward, but are still higher than during previous surges of the virus.

The recent increase in deaths comes amid declining vaccination rates and a lax public attitude in Russia toward taking precautions. About 40% of Russia’s 146 million people have been fully vaccinated, even though the country approved a domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine – Sputnik V – months earlier than most of the world.

In total, Russia’s coronavirus task force has reported nearly 9.3 million confirmed infections and 262,843 deaths from COVID-19, the highest death toll in Europe.


Some experts believe the true number is even higher. Reports from Russia’s statistics service, Rosstat, which retroactively counts coronavirus-related deaths reveal a much higher mortality rate. They say 462,000 people with COVID-19 died between April 2020 and September this year.

Russian officials said the task force includes only deaths for which COVID-19 was the main cause, and uses data from medical facilities. Rosstat uses broader criteria for calculating virus-related deaths and takes its numbers from civil registry offices where death registration is completed.


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