Sanford gun shop is under fire because a picture of Hitler was placed in a shop front window

Sanford gun shop is under fire because a picture of Hitler was placed in a shop front window

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The owner of a gun shop in Sanford has been scrutinized after placing a picture of Hitler in his storefront window.

A&N Sports featured along 17-92 with the Nazi president along with a questionable quote celebrating gun control purportedly from the World War II-era leader.

“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has a full firearms registry! Our streets will be safer, our police will be more efficient, and the world will follow our lead in the future,” the poster states.

The owner sees a simple mistake in greeting passers-by with the image of one of history’s greatest monsters in the service of spreading a false history (i.e. the Holocaust happened because the Jewish and Gypsy populations of Europe were unarmed rather than the more obvious fact that they were outnumbered). For reasons that should be obvious, the label annoyed members of the community.

“To use a code dating back to the World War II dictator who wiped out millions upon millions of people is the wrong code,” Shelley Lawten, interim CEO of the Holocaust Center, told WKMG.

Greater Orlando Jewish Federation President Keith Dvorczyk agreed that the poster misses the mark.

“Anytime you see a picture of Adolf Hitler in a building like that, your stomach drops, and your jaw drops. It’s really hard. What are these people thinking, and what do they say?” He told the news station.

Store owner Bert Nelson fails to see the problem and asserts that he is not an anti-Semite.

Eleven million people died because of this nut [Hitler]. This nut draws attention to that sign that this nation will go down in history as the first time a civilized nation has had a complete registry of arms,” he said. And we don’t want that kind of mindset to come to America.”

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