Sarah Sprinkle shares inspiration for new children’s book

Sarah Sprinkle shares inspiration for new children’s book

Former Commissioner Winter Park and mayoral candidate Sarah Sprinkle will continue to serve the community by publishing her new book. “Mimi and I.” Sprinkel, a former city commissioner, released the book in November.

The book explores free activities related to children.

“[Readers] They will enjoy some ideas about how best to connect with the kids and why,” Sprinkle said. “The songs you can sing together, the rhymes you can use, and how easy it is to create your own scenarios. I used these with my Sunday School class yesterday, and they have had great success. We played turkey buckeye – not hockey buckeye – that’s the kind of idea people should have.”

In the late 1970s, Sprinkle published a children’s book All About Time and authored several pieces that were published in educational periodicals.

“I wanted a project that would return the favor and put my ideas into action,” Sprinkle said. “The book was the answer, so I started with how people learn and how the brain works, and then linked activities that families can do together. It could be as simple as conversation starters or as in depth as what you can do for the environment around your home.”

Mimi and me now Available on amazon. Sprinkel has stated that although she strives to have a wide audience, her book is not intended to be a money-maker, and that she “loves to get a few smiles, laughter, and fun out of this book.”

“I once read that when someone hears a child laughing, you hear the voice of God, and I agree with you,” Sprinkle said. “I love to hear a kid laugh or laugh—that’s it.”

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