Seabreeze girls’ basketball team storms Pine Ridge with a 45-28 . win

Seabreeze girls’ basketball team storms Pine Ridge with a 45-28 . win

Footballers watch out, the Sandcrabs have a faster lineup that will populate the fields this season.

After losing to Florida School of the Deaf and Blind on Tuesday, November 16, Ocean Summers led a knockout against the Panthers the following Friday with 16 points leading to a 45-28 win for Seabreeze on the Pine Ridge High School courts. in Deltona.

“We got off to a slow start tonight,” said John Rogers, Sandcraps head coach. “I made up two guys for disciplinary reasons. Once I put the starters on the floor, they turned the match upside down.”

Rogers changed the team’s path from last in the counties during the 2018 season to fourth when he began coaching the league in 2019. Last season they finished 12-7 but lost a domestic game to Matanzas and put them third behind Pirates. His plan for the 24-game long season is to focus on “Season Two” – the district-wide playoffs.

“The plan is to win, hustle and put everything on the field.” KEEVA HEGGINS, Seabreeze Shooting Guard

Summers, who wears a new flower tattoo on her right shoulder, has been hitting weights and running sprints in preparation for her last year playing high school ball. As the team leader, she understands the importance of leading by example.

“Once we hit the floor, we all sync up and do the same thing,” she said. “My goal is to do my best, get as many wins as possible and then go play college ball. I’m not sure where I want to go. I just know I want to go to nursing school.”

The entire Crabs Press was taken over by two new students – Keva Higgins and Ilan Van. Heggins has played since sixth grade and Phan has been playing competitively for two years. According to coach Rogers, he brings both zest and hustle to the Seabreeze game.

“The plan is to win, hustle and put it all on the court,” Higgins said.

After the Thanksgiving break, the Sandcrabs will face Matanzas on Tuesday, November 30th at home.

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