Sooner delay delayed UCF burst, 65-62

Sooner delay delayed UCF burst, 65-62

Umoja Gibson scored 13 goals to lead Oklahoma to a 65-62 victory over its host Central Florida on Saturday in Orlando.

The Sooners took a nine-minute lead before the Knights had three minutes left, cutting their lead by one in the last minute on Darren Green Jr.’s pointer with three points from a turnover by Elijah Harkless of Oklahoma.

But Harkless made up for it, with a jump in the following possession, the UCF couldn’t peek out over the ocean in the final seconds and Tony Johnson Jr. missed a corner – and Harkless grabbed the defensive rebound just before the bell to end his play.

Ethan Chargwa had a season-high 12 points off the bench for Oklahoma (6-1), while Jordan Goldwire scored 11 points, seven assists, and four assists in just one turn. The powerless repaid 54.5% of the land.

Green led the Knights (4-1) with 17 points, recording five three-pointers. Darius Perry added 16 points and eight assists in the loss.

Defenses dominated most of the first half, with teams meeting 23 times in the first half.

The Knights overcame an early deficit 9-0 giving them a 9-5 lead with 12:49 left in the first half. He quickly missed seven straight shots and turned the ball more than five times before Ethan Chargwa finished off his UCF run of three.

Then it was the Knights’ turn to go more than seven minutes without scoring, as Oklahoma responded with a score of 10-0. The UCF was 0 against 6 from the floor with five shifts during the run.

The teams finally found some offensive rhythm late in the first half, with a series of buckets as Oklahoma led 28-24 at the end of the first half.

OU’s leading scorer, Tanner Groves, was goalless in the first half before starting early in the second. He finished with nine points, making all four of his shots inside the arc after the break.

The Sooners led by less than seven minutes into the second half, cementing their lead to 10 with 16-5.

Green hit a triple pointer with 2:21 to start pushing the late Knights, putting Green’s 3-pointer with 52 seconds left for them at 63-62 before Harkless came in for the Sooners.

Oklahoma outperformed UCF 18-6 in the paint in the second half.

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