Soothe Unacceptable Baby Boomers This Thanksgiving With Disney+’s New Beatles Documentary | Couchsurfing | Orlando

Soothe Unacceptable Baby Boomers This Thanksgiving With Disney+’s New Beatles Documentary |  Couchsurfing |  Orlando

Premiere Wednesday, November 24:

henna In its third and final season, the teenage girl has to contend with a formidable new opponent played by Ray Liotta. (Yes, younger readers, there was a time when Ray Liotta was considered scary in ways that didn’t include trying to shove Chantix down your throat at 3 AM) (Amazon Prime)

Do, Re & Mi Holiday Special: Merry Nestivus The Singing Cartoon Birds trilogy that debuted this fall has branched out with a feature that continues its mission to teach preschoolers about the wonders of music. Lesson 1: When the lead singer offers to pee on your friend, make sure your mobile is ready! (Amazon Prime)

hook Now that he has his own series, can we please stop dragging poor Clint Barton? “All he does is shoot arrows!” Yeah, and he’s an avenger, so I guess he’s good at that, huh? On top of that, some of you used to think Ant-Man was pretty silly too. Until now the people The magazine knows that a man swims in sail. (Disney+)

Robin Robin Aardman Animation brings us a half-hour stop-motion musical about a bird raised by a family of mice. In the big reveal, we learn that they stole her from the nest because her biological parents planned to impregnate her. (Netflix)

bruising Halle Berry directed her performance as a washed-up MMA fighter on the comeback track. I mean, she directed everyone else in the movie as well, but I bet she wouldn’t go to great lengths to get her an Oscar. (Did I mention lately that it’s awful?) (Netflix)

sunset sale Kristen’s pregnancy and Heather’s wedding are two of the real-life developments that fans may witness in Season 4 of this show about the most lucrative real estate owners in Los Angeles. And if you can collect this month’s $2,000 rent for your studio apartment under the I-4 overpass, you’ll have somewhere to watch! (Netflix)

True story Kevin Hart shows off his dramatic muscles by playing a stand-up comedian whose older brother (Wesley Snipes) threatens his success. Hart’s real brother, Robert, has seven episodes to decide if he should be offended. But I mean, that title sounds like a pretty big clue. (Netflix)

Premiere Thursday 25 November:

The Beatles: come back – I’ve actually heard people express their concern that Peter Jackson’s documentary about the swan song Fab Four could present a more consistent picture than we saw in Let it be. Yes, interest. Listen, folks, if you think the unpleasant side of a relationship is the only “honest” side, maybe the group that sang “We Can Work It Out” isn’t for you. But I’m sure Taylor Swift would appreciate 10 minutes of your time. (Disney+)

F is for family In the fifth and final season of the ’70s comedy set, Big Bell’s death inspired Jr. Frank to be a better father. Hell, in the real ’70s, not even Michael Landon could make us a better dad. What is the chance of dying one measly? (Netflix)

South Park: Post COVID Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s portrayal of a post-Coronavirus world is the first of 14 new photos South Park The films they plan to make. Now all they need is 13 more plagues for inspiration. Step it up, Arkansas! (Basic+)

Super Crocs This Japanese-made anime about a team of super-villains assembled for a large grave is based on the work of American comics giant Mark Millar (kick ass). Kind of refreshing to see cultural appropriation flow in reverse for once, huh? It’s like Robert Johnson and the Devil teaming up to record a tribute to Jimmy Page. (Netflix)

Premiere Friday, November 26:

Angela The titular pop singer is said to be using the occasion of her first-ever documentary to confirm that she’s bisexual. And also she’s Belgian, although this part wasn’t exactly a secret. (Netflix)

dog years Italy sends us a feature-length comedy in which dogs and a car accident unite to teach a young girl the value of life. This sounds like something you’d really want to look up on — or, as they call it in Italy, (Amazon Prime)

Christmas castle Brooke Shields doesn’t need a smelly Hallmark! As executive producer of her own romantic comedy, she has portrayed herself as an American novelist who falls in love with a Scottish castle. And Its prickly owner (Carrie Elwes). Well, Brooke, but this two Colorado candle shop owners are leaving for Debra Messing. (Netflix)

Madagascar: A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase – In this Christmas animated, giraffe Melman and his friends run around New York trying to return a missing goose to his family. And you thought there was nowhere else to go for a good goose in New York since Cuomo had to step aside! (holo and peacock)

Chocolate School Eight aspiring pastry chefs compete to win the judges’ endorsement with a dessert made entirely of chocolate. And it’s not like they can just Google “what can you do with chocolate,” because that only takes you to the lyrics to the song Bootsy Collins from 1975. (Netflix)

Premiere Sunday, November 27:

The genies This six-episode Danish series shows what happens when the human world collides with the elves. Speaking of which, did you know Katie Couric has a book? (Netflix)

come on joan The country of Spain is showing us what it can manage in a way of social satire, as exemplified by a former politician whose skeletons in his wardrobe impede his attempt to move into the world of big business. Skeleton #1: He used to register fake IDs for Inigo Montoya. (HBO Max)

Premiere Monday, November 29:

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible – The whole world is waiting to see if a brave mountaineer will be able to climb all the world’s 8000m peaks in seven months. Except for America you need to know what’s in miles first. (Netflix)

burning Australian director Eva Orner’s documentary about the tragic bushfires that struck her country two years ago sparked huge interest at the Sydney Film Festival, where it won the first ever Sustainable Future Award. Fun Fact: The prize is made entirely of Styrofoam. (Amazon Prime)

Premiere Tuesday 30 November:

lead me home The plight of the homeless on America’s West Coast is investigated in an immersive 39-minute documentary. See, this is how the destitute turn out in this country: they don’t even hold a full-length advantage? Christ, Dune It was two and a half hours, and these people chose to live in it worm-infested sand. (Netflix)

Muhammad Amer: Muhammad is in Texas The Palestinian-American comedian performs in front of an audience in his hometown of Houston. For even more fun, you can watch a repartition of the entire audience as he speaks! (Netflix)

top of the gods Just as you were overcoming your fear of heights from yesterday 14 peaksHere comes the anime about a photojournalist who is thrown on his journey with a group of insanely committed mountaineers. I think the broadcasting gods decided you really needed a nosebleed this week. But speaking as someone who can get dizzy just by standing up at the party, I would have really preferred one of those other thirteen South Park movies instead. (Netflix)

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