State Champions: Seabreeze girls’ bowling team wins title

State Champions: Seabreeze girls’ bowling team wins title

The Seabreeze girls’ bowling team topped its local state championship cup victory Thursday, November 4, at the Boardwalk Bowl entertainment center in Orlando, earning bragging rights as the first team in the school’s history to win a state bowling alley.

Bowling began dropping pins on 32 lanes with the opening of the Florida Athletics Association Championships at Florida High School Tuesday, November 2nd. – They were ranked No. 2, while the boys were No. 14.

The Sandcrab Girls soundly defeated Jacksonville Sandalwood, 3-0, and followed that up with another 3-0 victory over Flagler’s Palm Coast. FPC took the lead in the consolation bracket, narrowly losing in the final round to Bell Creek Academy, 3-2.

“We were hoping we’d get a chance to meet them in the final,” said FPC’s Madeline Oliva. “We grew up bowling in the league together every Saturday. We are like family.”

Seabreeze faced Bill Creek in the final. Sancrab crushed the Panthers in the first game, 221-175. But after four matches, Bill Creek tied 2-2.

Spaulding helped change the momentum in the final by picking up hits and making crucial spares, and Bissell threw the winning goal to seal the championship with a 3-2 victory.

“I knew the start of the season the girls had to be in the final. They have talent,” Seabreeze coach Paul Schuller said. “We were losing a lot of time in that third game, and my girls just came back. Momentum turned in our favour, and they installed it. I knew they had the potential to be number one, and now they are. “

The boys’ team was eliminated after falling to Apopka in a close match 3-2 and then to Eau Gallie in the consolation bracket.

“What it really boiled down to was executing the shots,” said Boys captain Spencer Mosher. “The game is 90% mental and 10% physical. As long as you trust yourself, that’s what will get you into the tournament at 100%. At the end of the day, they’re still young. I’m really excited for them next year.”

Mosher continued to compete in the boys’ singles matches, while Alim competed in the girls’ matches, facing FPC’s Oliva. Both Seabreeze Bowlers lost in the first round as Oliva went on to finish fourth in the singles arc.

“I knew they had the potential to be number one and they are now.”

Paul Schuller, Seabreeze bowling coach

Alam’s father introduced her to the sport two years ago and she has been stuck. Now she’s walking around almost every day and would like to go to college.

“Honestly, I couldn’t get here without my teammates,” Allam said. “They supported me throughout the entire season. They encouraged me and cheered me on through everything.”

The Bissell student was also introduced to bowling by her father, but she was four years old.

Brian Beissel owns a pro shop and operates a training center in Ormond Lanes. He and his daughter travel together to attend tournaments, and they recently attended a clinic in Houston where she trained with “Bowling Godfather” Fred Borden, who was appointed head coach for Team USA in 1989.

Kara Bissell is still the ballast for Sandcrabs, usually scoring high on game and series, which she did during interruptions.

“I’m really proud of her,” Brian Bissell said. “She is my daughter.”

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